Thursday, May 9

Winter moments in Seoul


My flight tix to Seoul was saved by the brief group whatsapp, when one of us shouted that the departure was on the next day, but at that point of time, I was still packing my luggage all the way in Paka! Had the conversation not happened the night before, then I might end up having good night sleep in Paka and wake up next morning just to find out that my fellow friends have boarded into the flight. Huwaaaa~ Ok that was the brief story about the  incident prior to the departure when I was on the verge of missing flight, again..

We boarded at 8 o'clock in the morning and the trip took us about 8 hours to reach there. As soon as we touched the Seoul land, we were welcome by its chill air, ahh..the execitement was slowly rising among us.

Our first tour kicked off as soon the night after arrival. It was meant for free and easy, but when Nadh suggested to go to Seoul Tower, we were on our feet immediately. From our stay to the destination, we took public bus followed with the subway.

Everyone of us was on our first time in Seoul, but like it or not, we have to make ourselves comfortable maneuvering the trip, silently prayed that we won't get lost in effort to read the maps and understand the routes of subway.

Operating the facilities that all written in Korean was one thing that we learned in hard way, because nobody seemed to bother to approach us.  Another panicky situation was when we hopped onto the bus that  accepted only coins in the transaction. We just arrived with only big notes of Korean currency available in our purses thus what we did was to ask people around rather than going to the shop nearby. I'm telling you, communicating with Korean people has never been always pleasant and easy. We tried to communicate with the Korean passers-by  to change the notes to coins. Some of the them simply ignored us when we waved them to stop, while some of them were very sweet who were trying to help, but the 'ayam-itik' communication wasn't less than funny to see.

Nevertheless, we finally reached our destination safely ,and we had fun throughout the 'try and error attempts'.

One of us, Indah is hard fan of Hello Kitty. When we learnt that Hello Kitty got its own cafe, all 6 of us were dragged to enjoy the caffeine.

Truthfully, I was amused with the creativity presented in every cup. Awesome and rare!

Oh, another pic from Seoul Tower, notice bench is made bend? Macam-macam..

The next day was heading to  Naami Island and Skiing! It took 45 1 and half hour to reach the jetty. It was not an island by the beach and whatnot, at least that was the island that I was expecting. It was untrue, but the scenery in the island has taken my breath away. The air of excitement rised another knots.

The beautiful island was one thing, and the opportunity to have fun in the snow was another reason for a perfect choice to be in Naami Island this trip.

It was approaching lunch, we were brought to enjoy our first Korean lunch. Upon seeing so many plates filled with little dishes before us, we looked at each other wondering the same thing " is this enough for a lunch? " But beggar can't be chooser,no?

The next destination was to go for skiing!

Apparently it wasn't as easy as it looks to get the ski board moving. It took loads of hard work that we felt shameful to the kids who were skiing effortlessly around us. Nevertheless, it was such a fantastic experience .Ha ha ha.

Our stay in Seoul was not for long. So we have another night left in Seoul before leaving to Jeju Island. We went to Myeongdong market afterwards to do some shopping. It was freeeezing cold in night time, but we have no choice, the shopping needs to be done, or we gonna missed it.

On the next day, our last day in Seoul, we went to Insadong to do last minute shopping, mainly the souvenirs to family and friends.

We went out quite early in the morning, seeing that our chartered van will pick us up before noon. There were not many local seen around at this time, and the atmosphere was very peaceful in chill wheather. I fell in love with Seoul instantly...  :)

Monday, May 6

YEHA Guesthouse,Jeju Island

23-27 February 2013

As soon as I grabbed the super cheap Jeju Air ticket from Seoul to Jeju, next item to confirm was the lodging. There was not really many options that we have, but it turned out that the limited option was among the best backpacker lodging  that we have ever experienced!

Touched down the Jeju land, the weather was warmer than Seoul. Thus it lifted the burden from wearing heavy and thick clothes for next few days in South Korea. Phewwssh~

Our first destination was Yeha Guest House, City Hall. What made it challenging was the communication with the cab driver. Soooo like itik and ayam talked about same thing but different languages. As a result, we were brought to Yeha Guest House, Terminal only to find out that we have arrived at the wrong branch of Yeha Guest house.*excitement turned off*.

Both Yeha were fine, though. The one at Terminal is a bit isolated from the hectic city, unlike City Hall branch. If you opted for peaceful and serene environment as soon as you popped out from the premise, Terminal branch is the best choice.

Nevertheless,having Yeha City Hall as our lodging was handy and met our purpose for convenient mobility and transportation that was available at anytime outside the premise.

The best part of the facilities here was high speed wifi, that during our resting time,everyone of us will spend hours staring at our smartphones with little sounds cracked in between. 'Bertafakur' katanye. Everytime! haha. The room was super comfy as compared to what we paid, super satisfactory. Hygiene was kept at its best, and they have the 'happy hour' that we can enjoy free light drinks from 7pm till night time in their community hall. Oh before I forget, free breakfast of eggs, breads are available too! And also the cooking facilities available for muslim use too. Sungguh bagus and respectful.

                                                                Breakfast in community hall

The interior deco is so fanciful, that meniarap on the floor wasn't that disgusting. Macam-macam..Hihiih..

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