Thursday, December 30

Paper plate- licking sight at KFC

After running some errands whole morning in one weekend, I decided to have a late breakfast at KFC. Well, if some of my old  friends wonder whether I`m still a big fan of KFC, yes I am.hihihi. So I walked in there quite early which were a few minutes after the restaurant was opened.

Lesser customers mean less crowd. Instead of going upstair to get more privacy as I always did, I opted to have my breakfast at the ground floor, near the secondary entrance of the store. This store has two separate partitions with its main entrance faces the cashiers and other staff. So whoever who wished enjoy outside food in KFC can simply walk into it using the secondary door with hassle free.

While enjoying my brunch, I noticed that a few kids entered the store through the secondary door in front of me. They were neither buying food nor bringing any from outside and rushed to the upstairs  of the  store. After finished my meal, I left my wallet, car keys and everything to wash my hand, which was just a few walks away from my table. 

When I turned to my table, I saw one of the boys suddenly appeared from the upstairs and stared to my table. I was not sure whether it was my wallets or the left-over that he was eyeing for. Then the rest of his friends follow at his back. Well, for a starving customer, there`s nothing much of the left over that was still edible. Looking in their eyes, I suspected something was not right about the boys. Perhaps they can sense of what I had noticed about them, then they acted as if interested with the toys displayed nearby. The more suspicious I was!!

So I went out from the store, glancing at my back every now and then, still curious of what they boy were up to and crossed the road to my car. I took some time to observe them from side mirror. And I saw one of them licked a KFC paper plate outside the premise. A few moments later, they entered back KFC restaurant and grab left over from my table before leaving to the shopping areas ahead from the restaurant! That was so poor sight I never thought it still exists in my hometown. I have a feeling to reach out for them, to help, but they fled too soon for me to catch them up. I was moved..huhu

Sunday, December 26

Yes, I vote for Blackmore Bio ACE!

During my early years of employment, I couldn`t care less about taking any dietary supplementary. After a few years of working, I started to feel easily tired and it was getting worse when I was having problem to get up early every morning. Plus, I found  that my skin was dry and getting dull. I believed part of the reasons was constant exposure to dry air-cond in my office.

But on top of that, I believed it has something to do with my lacking of dietary supplementary intakes, for I have been so tired and lazy for no reason. Then I was suggested by my bestie, Aina to take Blackmore Bio ACE. It mainly contains  vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. I have decided upfront that I won`t let myself get attached to tablets of supplementary if I wanted to start taking it. Thus, this complete set of essential vitamins are just everything  that I`ve been looking for.

This Bio Ace is  a combination of antioxidant vitamins. It helps our body to reduce free radical damage, normally generated in our body as part of energy-producing process,  from air pollutions as well as our lifestyle factors. You know, excessive fat intakes as well as cigarette smoke.

The result of the tablets  intakes to my skin doesn`t visible overnight. The apparent result from constant intake of this supplement is that I feel more energetic and fresh everytime I wake up early in the morning, unlike those days when I have yet to take this Bio Ace and I notice that my skin looks healthier than before.

Crying Terengganu in December

So, we have entered  December which means that we, the residents of east coast regions are subjected to monsoon attack in no time. I was born in Terengganu, and the idea of 'umah naik air' is nothing strange to me. Every year ,my hometown experience heavy rainy days as early as middle of November.

And last year remarked another memorable experiences when some parts of my hometown was hit by flood including my home. It was just minor flood anyway. And  my younger siblings could not contain themselves upon seeing the flood scene, thus rushed into the heavily rainfall, things I used to do when I was kid.Hihihi.

excited kiddos

my baby brother was too little to be allowed to join his sisters

Ok, that was last year. For this year, things turned out quite differently when the heavy rainfall hit Kerteh, my working place. It only took almost 8hours, our working hours to be specific to cause massive flood around Kerteh area. I have no idea how worst things turned out of the non-stop raining until some of concerned colleagues sent out the pictures at area of Kemasik, Kerteh which was severely affected by the flash flood. These are some of the pictures shared.

This is a snapshot when I was driving back  from office. It was nerve-wrecking moments  to drive through the flood that I was afraid my car would break down in the middle of the road. The rain stopped a few hours after five. And the next day, everything went well as if the flood never occured on the road.

ok, my wiper need a change

Saturday, December 25

Overnite stay in Traders

Traders Hotel is one of my favourite lodgings when I go to KL on business trip. Apart from its location which is just walking distance to KLCC, the hotel also provides a wide selections of foods for their complementary breakfast. So, everytime I stay there, I normally will attend meeting in fully-stuffed stomach with my favourite super cheesy omellete. Hihihi..

This is the hallway to my room. Smelled good all the way to the door.

So I was a bit lucky this time around when I got a room which overseeing KLCC.The night view of KLCC is so stunning but I don`t bother to sit there  much longer after snapped some shots from my room.

These are some snapshots of the room. Comfy indeed, that I hardly could wake up easily next morning. Hihih
bathroom with complimentary Chup-chup candy was provided

Everything about the services was recommendable, except for waiting time during check-in. I was standing there for almost 5 minutes before I was attended by the staff. After tiring journey, waiting so long at the reception before get the room is the last thing I wanted to do.

For more fabulous pictures, click here.

Friday, December 24

Ladies lunch out @ Pizza Hut, KLCC

One of my routines when I visited KL for business trip is seeing my old friends. Some of them are married, some are soon-to-be, while others work at suburb of KL. So, lunch hours or a few hours after 5  are the best time for us to hang out, update one another with our life and whatnot. Weekend outings like campus life?? Just forget it! Even I  frequently found myself restless to stay outstation longer than necessary. Hahah..

It was recently when a meeting was organized at KLCC.  I took the opportunity to buzz Ainul and Ziela about my visit. So, we met up for lunch at Pizza Hut. We didn`t have a heavy lunch, just some bites, for our main purpose was more to talk,talk and talk within that one hour of meeting. Ziela and I went for regular hut platter, two plates actually while Ainul opted for brownies.

Regular hut platter

Hot brownies

This pic was taken somewhere in May 2010, and Ziela was still waiting for Haziq to come out while Ainul was yet to expect a baby. Zaira was no different like "mak arab", was she? That was basically the last time I saw they both, ehem! exception for travel mate, Zaira. hihi..

And recently when I met them again!! Similar face with different persona.

And Ainul, after years of waiting to get pregnant, her time finally has come. And it was so apparent on her radiant face of how happy she is nowadays. Happy for you too, honey!

cute bump of Ainul`s.hihi. I bet this gonna be a girl!
 Ziela was all always about her son, baby and motherhood, auwww.. And reminisced her back in her Funky girl days, it was waaaaaaaaaayyy different. Hebat penangan Haziq yer! Hihihi

So, I took sometime accompanied Ziela for cap-hunting for her 6-month Haziq and I have yet to give him anything! ( how time flies!!). I got a romper for him, well slightly bigger than 6-month infant, but it is better to get bigger size rather than unfit at all. Hihihi..

I`m done with Yatie`s son, Haris, Ziela`s Haziq, Ainul is on the way. So, when I will be able to see Juraidah Hashim and her Jasmine nehhhh..??

Wednesday, December 22

Indian community& its traffic users

I bought the Indian version RD while strolling around New Delhi city which was sold on walkway along the boutique stores. I spotted there were also some collections of Sophie Kinsella's which I have read them all. Nevertheless I stopped by  to look for her latest book,Mini Shopaholic, but it was nowhere in sight. Instead, I picked up this RD which was cheaper as compared to the Malaysian version.

I came across these interesting facts one night before went to sleep.

WHO now estimates that 200,000 Indian die annually on their roads. India has just 1% of the road vehicles, yet 15% of all road traffic deaths happen here. 
Reader Digest India- December 2010.

I couldn`t agree more with the discoveries as I saw it with my naked eyes plus my terrifying experience on road of India. This happened on our first night arrived to India, we were brought to the hotel with three separate cabs. Zaira and a male friend ,Shamen and I were in one cab. It was less than 10 minutes we were on the road, we spotted traffic jam ahead. And it was in a nano-second, the cab driver made a swift u-turn on the very road with cars approaching us in opposite direction! I mean, seriously?? That scene shocked hell out of us, but the driver resumed his driving like nothing happened, crossed the barrier while we prayed hard that we`ll  reach hotel safely.

Most of local people use tuk-tukis, motorbikes and even bicycles while some were too poor to own any. There were some imported car spotted on the roads such as Suzuki Swift and Honda, with scratches all over the cars. But I believe those were belonged to diplomats who reside outside New Delhi city center.

When crossing roads, you don`t wait till the drivers give your way, because they never will unless you have the guts to cross the busy roads and waved to the drivers,hen only they slowed down, for a while and sped up as soon as the last fearless person crossed the road. Somehow, I managed to snap pictures while crossing the road, see how close we were to the traffic. Dangerous indeed, but what choice did we have? Nehi!


Indian drivers have a habit of honking while driving. I learnt that, I will go crazy if I let myself be bothered to the constant honking by our drivers and even from other drivers because they will never stop! It will be annoying in Malaysian traffic, but not in India. They were even creative enough when the honk sound was customized to a variation of tunes, and the driver can pick up which honk tune they favoured. As for our case, we were 'entertained' by chicken dance alike tune (which was claimed by Ezam) along the way to Agra.


Apparently, traffic light alone was not helpful enough to cater traffic demand in here. This living traffic light works day and night to ensure smooth traffic flow. I found this is an interesting sight on roads of India.

Living traffic light
Poverty was also one of the main issues in the country. Before started off the tour, our guides kept on reminding us not to consider any beggars who will approach us. The reason being, once we gave money or anything to them, just wait for more of them to come to us like a feeding frenzy.

It was a hard work for us to dodge them. All we could do was to shake head, and walked away. Somehow, it was moving to see them bare foot, as young as 3 to 4 years old, wandered aimlessly in the crowd.

These poor populations will do almost anything to earn money for daily life. This video was captured during our visit to Fatehpur Sikri. There were bunch of men waiting for tourist who stopped by near the pond before they presented the showcase, just to earn 50 rupees which was equivalent less than RM4! Yes, maybe more, if the tourists were more generous. It was pitiful to see how they struggled to survive life in poverty.

These are only some of discoveries that I wished to write here. There are a lot more experiences throughout the trip with lessons worth to be learnt. In a nutshell, when we reached out to poor population country like this, then only I realized how lucky I am, living in a  peaceful country,comfortable with bottomless utilities and food supplies, despite the political and economical crisis. Sometimes, we unconsciously take things in life for granted. We thought we deserved these conveniences at no effort, while in other part of the world, people are struggling for their life to experience a day of comfy life we have been living. What say you?

Tuesday, December 21

The Time Traveller`s wife

Title : The Time Traveller`s Wife
Author : Audrey Niffenegger

Looking at the title of the book is enough to anticipate how complicated the story is all about. It is basically a love story of Henry who suffers a genetic disorder where his genetic clock periodically resets with his wife, Clara.  As a result, he will find himself suddenly thrown in his past or his future.

Clare and Henry met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and get married when twenty-two and Henry was thirty. It is an enjoyable reading,despite the confusing storyline throughout the reading.

To understand the story, I think it requires certain degree of wild imagination to immerse in the story and ultimately enjoy this passionate love story despite the uncommon disease Henry has been suffering.

This book was also featured in motion picture,and I watched the movie as well. It turned out as interesting as the book!

Monday, December 20

4 nights in 4 Indian Hotels

So far, this is the most lodgings I stayed throughout a single trip. Upon arrival to New Delhi, we checked in Hotel Delhi City Center. Listening to the sound of the hotel name , I had quite a high expectation before reaching there. So, this was how the hotel  when we reached into the room. Nothing fancy stuff that you can expect from the stay. After flip through channels from the  flat screen telly, we have no choice other than staring at Hindi show. No choice! Well, Zaira and I didn`t bother about the sound from the telly, for we were tired enough to stay awake longer after we had our shower.


The next day, while waiting for the rest of travel mates to be ready for leaving to Agra, we wandered around hotel area. U-oh..Just to find out that  the dogs were lying so close to the hotel entrance. And gross part was, the smell of pees were strong around us. However, we managed to take some snapshots, and this is Zaira in front of hotel area which is near narrow dirty street. Not a good sight..

In Agra, we stopped by at Goverdan Motel, after visited Taj Mahal. Well, there were not so many options  of hotels to stay.So we have to bear the freaking cold air-condition, and the lacking of hot water in the morning shower. If it`s in Malaysia whether, it doesn`t matter to have morning shower with the absence of water heater facility, but not in this country in December!! Felt like freezing I tell you!

As if they realized the inadequacy of their facility, the son of the motel`s owner was trying very hard to please us to serve our requirement, and it was even apparent while we had our dinner buffet when he frequently  applogized to us. Or was he just covering his arse for the sake of his father`s business? heheh

And the third lodging was the worse, errr worstttt ever. The ambient of the room felt, I repeat , it was felt, sooooo unclean. My depression level suddenly raised that I can`t barely sit down on the bed. It was stained everywhere, and the water also has one-kind smell. The look of the henna stained towel so not appealing for us to have the shower. As the result, we just had P. Ramlee version of shower. Lap sana lap sini, Ok done ! Oh, this is City Hotel,New Delhi. Lesson learnt : be prepared with own skimpy towel when travelling!

Ok Ju darling, so much of a useful tip! =p

Initially, we planned to have two night stay at the similar hotel. But then, the facilities were so poor even though the staff were very humble to attend our requirement, I learnt that there is a strong need for us to get a comfy accommodation for  us to  recharge before resuming the trip.
After a quick survey, we managed to get to this Pearl Hotel. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy comfortable for the remaining last night sleep in New Delhi. I bet if we continued staying in the same City Hotel, I might not enjoy half of the trip plus there will no big damage to my pocket money. Haha! Anyway, I enjoyed every single moment in India.

Sunday, December 19

Ice-cream girls

Title     :The ice cream girls
Author: Dorothy Koomson

This is the first book by Dorothy Koomson that I have purchased.It is a story about two loner teenagers who involved in an illegal secret affairs with their psychopath teacher. The two innocent teenagers were so attached to the teacher that they even have let them being manipulated sexually, mentally and physically by the teacher. And worse, they know that they were cheated by him before their eyes!

Ultimate of the story was when they accidentally trapped into the murder scene of the teacher, and one of them was imprisoned throughout major part of her life.
Well,that was not the end of the story when she was released from the jail and the rest is a page-turning story that I hardly can put down the book, and even experienced minor depression while immersed myself in the story. Hehe, I know, over kan?

Brilliant writer, indeed! Gotta find other story of this Dorothy lady for it was sooo worth of buying and reading it!

Friday, December 17

Again, I missed the flight!

I think I`ve been cursed!

Well, this has nothing to do with my negligence as previous episodes. I checked in on time, yes a few minutes before counter was closed.  Normally, I left to airport from the meeting at 3.30pm, to catch  flight which is scheduled on 5 pm.

Nevertheless, my meeting this time resumed a bit late after lunch that we were forced to leave the meeting slightly later than usual,about 4pm from KLCC. The traffic was moving very slow that I experienced another version of Malaysian driver with Indian honking attitude, funny indeed!hahah.

I was getting anxious that we will be missing the flight. But, I have my collegues with me. So,there was nothing much to worry, for I won`t be alone if we missed the flight again. At least that was what I thought on the way to the airport. Confidennntttt!...

After checked in,I took some time to go to prayer room, and rushed to the boarding hall .My handphone ran out of battery, so I was not able to tell my colleagues on my whereabouts. I approached the gate less than 10 minutes before 5, only to see that an airplane just took off. There was sudden chill to the spine,

I missed it againnnn....

The staff was shocked upon knowing that there was still passenger left. Listened to their conversation,I learnt that they overlooked the number of boarding passengers, and declared to airplane crew that ALL PASSENGERS HAVE BOARDED .

One of the senior staff brought me to their duty manager to sort it out. I tried to remain my composure followed the staff with absent-minded to the main office. We bumped into another airport staff, asked his colleague what was going on. The staff told me that the announcement was done, and asked me whether I was aware or not of the announcement.I said I did not hear any.  I think he tried to be warm staff when he said
'saya pegi solat pon saya dengar announcement'

and chuckled. Look,I am good in responding to jokes except for that point of time when I snapped him
saya dalam surau, takkan saya pekak kot kalo ada announcement
His face altered and appologized.

So, we went to the office, clarified the incident to the duty manager, and finally I managed to get replacement to Kuala Terengganu about 2hours plus after the the flight to Kerteh departed. Bole long I get to spend the weekend at home.

Thursday, December 16

Indian delicacies

The night before travelling to KL, I weighed myself on the scale, only to found out that my weight has rocketted to 5KG increment!!I was not sure whether it has something to do with the scale, or my eyesight, or it was my body which has been dumped with all sort of fats from my plateful daily  breakfasts and lunches. So, I resolved that I will cut down my meals intakes from the moment on and even told Zaira that I will join on her diet mission when we reach India.

Heck I was wrong to be that all strong to resist the temptation of Indian cuisines when we was there. The night we reached New Delhi,Sunita, our trip lead together with her family brought us to nearby restaurant to enjoy first meals fresh from Indian oven, chicken Nasi Beriyani,cost 290 rupees each plate. The plate was big for my dinner plate, and the meal was as much as the plate could cater. Whoa! The spices in the meal was well blended,that I almost cleared the plate, and the diet resolution was just history. Hihih.

Chicken Briyanni
Before leaving Agra, we had our lunch in garden at a nearby restaurant to stuff our stomach for the next 6 hours trip.

Lunch in the garden
The unique part of their culture when serving customer is that, the food will be cooked only when the orders were made to preserve its freshness. Plus, the waiters were kept wandering around us to serve nan and cappati while waiting for ordered meals. As we had our lunch quite late, the endless nan and cappati supply were so much of a rescue! The waiters were so generous until we had to stop them from putting the breads onto our plate with
'nehi bas!'

It was only when we were partially full, the main dishes were served. It was macaroni with parmessan cheese,mixed vegetables, dal and chicken curry.

The rice arrived a bit later, and when it was served on the table, there you go!!! Oh, anyway, this 'ghee rice' was not for me only, it was shared with for pax each table.

Ghee rice
The other restaurant we had our lunch was in New Delhi. After left Qutub Minar, we went around the city to look for the suitable restaurant, and finally arrived at this restaurant to enjoy Chicken Afghan Tandori. Awesome!The taste felt so divine that I even finished all sliced onions. I mean,if it`s in Malaysia, I never bother to eat onion!hihi.

Then we were served with soup, mixed vegetables and last but not least, mutton Briyani. Ok, that was to much for me to finish alone.

All in all, these meals are lot pricier if I wanted to try them in Malaysia. This opportunity to taste their original recipes concludes that, Indian cuisine are irresistable!

p/s : It is 9.30pm and I am starving when writing this entry...Hohoh!

Tuesday, December 14

Incredible India!

It was somewhere in December 2008, that I visited China,the world largest population country. And it barely occured to me that after almost 2 years,now I stand a chance to explore the ancient heritages in world second largest population country, India!

I just couldn`t be more grateful to get this chance. There are so much things I want to write down here about interesting facts I discovered about this country. But for this particular entry, I opt to describe the reality check of what they brand themselves as 'Incredibe India' via our visits to their famous attractions. And trust me, the following entries will be all about India, India, India like an India love-sick!Hahah..

The trip was planned for 5 days and 4 nights. It took over 5 hours to get there. There are 2.5 hours of time difference between both countries.Oh!! Speaking of which, there is a story about it during my trip to Bangkok back in May 2009. It happened when we unconciously miscalculated the local time before leaving to airport, and  the result was,we have missed the flight to Kuala Lumpur! It was a hell of nerve-breaking moments,that we still stucked in traffic jam when check-in time was about to due. And the price we have to pay for the negligence, another over-price air ticket to KL.Huwaa!!Again, that was another hard lesson learnt to remember for the following trips, including this very  trip. OK, enough with the side track.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by massive airport of New Delhi.Well, not bad,I thought.
Perhaps I was lacking in embracing myself with adequate knowledge about the country, so my expectation was getting higher to see the a beautiful New Delhi city as soon as we passed the immigrations counter. Walking to the outside of the airport, stroke by the chill air, I inhaled the fresh air, errr hang on,... this smells smoke! And I gradually realized that the air was dusty, not fresh at all!Haiyoyo! We left the airport with 3 cabs,and not without a drama before we arrived to the hotel safely. What was the story? That will be elaborated in other entries,Okeeii..

A numbers of historical attractions have been listed upfront in our itenarary for the trip.Excited I tell you! The first attractions of course was the highlight of incredible India, no other than Taj Mahal, Agra. It took us 6 hours to travel from New Delhi to Agra. The entrance fee costs 750 rupees,the highest amongst other entrance fees we visited. Of course la!Hot spot meh!

Oh, this is the entrance, not the Taj Mahal yea!=)

I was mesmerized with the sight of the monument. Complete another my 7 wonders checklist.Yabedabeduuu!! After centuries standing there, Taj Mahal which mostly was built with white marble ,before my eyes is seemingly never get run down.

And to get inside the monument, we were given red wrapper to cover our shoes in order to preserve the hygiene of the floor, (i believe).

Interesting part about the monument is that, there are no ray of light used inside out the building.

If China has Forbidden City, their ancient emperor palace that they are proud of, well India has their own version of Forbidden City which is Fatehpuh Sikri. It situated about 1 hours driving from Agra with entrance fee of 250 rupees onleyyyy.

Fatehpuh Sikri

We  went to Qutub Minar . Another ancient monuments with stunning architectures. Another hours spent to appreciate every inch of the structures, while other travel team mates were starving to wait us finished with picture takings. We were so overwhelmed on the magnificent monuments that we barely bother our screaming stomach.

Qutub Minar

We also went to Lotus Building .Ok, that is not literally the name of the building, it is Bahai House of worship for its believers. Splendid building inspired from a lotus flower, seemingly an Indian version of Sydney Opera house!

Bahai House

the sight of this well-trimmed tree made me crave for ice-cream!!

We went to one of oldest or biggest mosque of Asia, haiyo I cannot remember which is which. It is a mosque by name, but open space of the praying hall was polluted with pegion`s discharges and it was everywhere!

ancient mosque with ancient broom. hihi

hit by the jackpot, sorry for you, hun!haha
Another dissapointing scenario about the local muslim practice here is that the tourists, muslim or not were encouraged to make a wish at an ancient tomb which resides in the mosque.

Poor sight indeed!
Shoppingwise, yes...that was surely never missed out from the itenarary. I planned to joined Zaira for her sari-hunting. Initially, I was not that interested to get one for me. Nevertheless, it turned out catastrophic to my pocket money, as soon as I saw the stacks of colourful sari  and punjabi cloths! I ended up the bargain with piece of punjabi suit fabrics for myself and printed sari for Mother. Oh.. Mother was so excited that the bright smile of hers never left her face when I handed it to her.

On the last day we were on free and easy,and that was the chance to wander around New Delhi city center. Going in and out street-brand store here, I went frantic to see the price offered here were much cheaper as compared with ones in Malaysia. Thus, I settled with not one, not two but four tops from Levis and Allen Solly. Hihihi!! Plus, we grabbed the chance to take a ride on tuk-tuki on the way back to hotel!

Overall, the trip was soooo much funnnn!!, Na-ah, minus some miserable hotels we stayed.
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