Wednesday, September 28

Ideal Bestfriends' day out

 27th Sept 2011

I travel  back and forth to KL quite frequently for business trips.  The bestfriend in question, Ju Zie is from KL and currently works near my hometown. Ironically, our availability never intersects when it comes to us meeting up at KL. Yes we did hang out a lot back in Paka, certainly.

Ahhh... only recently the opportunity appeared when one of us was on MC for waiting her due date *wink** and another was attending a training. Bingo!

We met at KLCC and watched Johnny English, whereby we entered the cinema 30minutes after the show started. Hihi. Thank God we didn`t miss out much the beginning of the story. The story was light and entertaining but at times I can`t help being irritated with foolish Johnny English. Haha.

After the show, we had had our dinner at The Apartment, KLCC. I had myself a big plate of chicken and mushroom pasta (well I hope I get the name correct) while Ju Zie had fish and chips.

We had a stroll together before going off to the hotel where I stayed to continue endless story telling. Awesome!

Wednesday, September 21

PRM Raya 2011

It is getting to the end of Syawal. Days like these, there were many invites to attend the open houses as well as open departments, open sections at office.

My colleagues and I discussed to organize the raya celebration at our section. Scrumptious Eid-Fitr dishes were suggested during the discussion. The date was finally set, on 8th Sept, 2011.

Being the ladies of the section, we started doing the decoration around the office one day before the celebration with the help from male colleagues. Semangat!

We started the preparation in the next morning as soon as we arrived in office. No time to waste, everyone has their own task. No escape. Hihih. I joined the list of dishes by contributing my home-made spagetti. However, no picture was taken, for I was busy running and serving to snap one. Pfftt.

sate pon ada!

nasi tomato

colorful kuih muih

                                                             super sweet and milky bandung

Our guests started to come in from 10 am. And being the 'tuan rumah' , we hardly had our time to enjoy the dishes but it was fun, tho. And the best thing was, the food has finished by lunch hour, with minimal left overs. Pheww~

                                                                            the ladies in the house~

Wednesday, September 14

A glimpse about Zhaffri

Mother has to fetch him from kindergarten at 1230 at noon. Otherwise, he will stray to his friend’s house, Kartina and go home late. When he returned home, there will be endless stories from him to Mother about his day at school. After the story telling session is over, he proceeds to shower to attend kelas mengaji Quran.

There was one period when he refused to attend the class. The reason being, he told my sister that the Guru kept on pinching his mouth when he recited the Quran wrongly. Only when my sister told him that she was also pinched likewise during her days, Zhaffri started to attend the class constantly.
Normally he is alone at home with no one to play with, thus his activity is normally playing with his toys. When he got bored with the toys, he went to Mother at kitchen and disturbed whatever Mother was doing, enough to piss mother off. You know kids, their presence in the kitchen is more to mess things up rather than help Mother out, thus he went outside for the next activity, cycling.

While I was driving, he likes to hug Mother -who was beside me from the back and keeps telling me

Eri suka Mok, Mok tak suka Eri

Well, my mother is not kind of expressive mom who tells her children how much she loves her children. No way. But her gestures tell us how much she loves us.

When Ika was completing the homework, Zhaffri- who has got no homework to do, will join her sister by colouring the book that Ika was working on. Of course it has caused distraction to Ika to do her homework.

Sometimes when the timing was not so right, they will end up quarrelling with each other. Kids~ while most of the time their actions could be fanciful or cute, sometimes it also gets on our nerves, no? 

Sunday, September 11

A good progress for this kid is made

I was reading my book alone in my room, as always. Being alone indulging in my book is one of the activities during my weekend to unwind the stressful days at work. My baby brother, Zhaffri opened the door of the room with her sister’s old book in his hand. He told me that he has learned writing at his kindergarten. Whoa. That`s quite a news!

I asked him to show me what he has learned. I took her sister`s text book, and pointed every alphabet and asked him to copy the word himself. He did it-himself! The exercise lasted from A-Z , 1 to 10. And his concentration only lasted until the last number, then he begged me to play online games using my netbook. Okayy~

That was the days when I have a handphone AND a netbook with wifi connected. Now that I bought myself an iPhone, it was  utterly an addiction to my baby siblings! I mean Zhaffri and his brother and sisters!

The rule of thumb is, the iphone is not to be left unattended, because in my home, there will always be an interested “party” to grab the gadget. Funny thing is, these baby siblings of mine secretly shared with one another the passcode to access my iphone. *fainted*

Friday, September 2

Cathy Kelly- Homecoming

Cathy Kelly is another author of my likings whose books evolve around lifes of women in one place but facing different life conflicts.

Megan Bouncier, a rising starlet who has the world's attention to herself. Somehow she has decided an awful choices which has cost the destruction of other people happiness.She has no option left, other than looking for a place to hide.

Connie,has been her students' sweet heart over the years. Almost hitting 40's with a status of single. Her sister,Nicky is getting married and she will be all alone living in her flat. She has almost given up on love when she registered herself as a volunteer in a local charity.There are reasons of why she remained single even though there are chances of nice availalble man next door to be flirted with. What are they?

Rae, a loyal wife and tolerate daughter in law to an eccentric mother-in-law. She runs Titania's Tea Room, a place where people in Golden Square turned to for a cup of tea or companion of Rae's warmth and friendliness. Out of the blue, she received a letter that she has been expecting for ages. The letter unwrapped the bitter memories that she has been hiding from her dearest family throughout her life in marriage.

These conflicts were observed by Eleanor, a psychoanalyst.Ironically, her presence in the Golden Square community is not as a psychoanalyst per se, but as a vulnerable person who grieved over a loss.

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