Sunday, November 28

Traveller caught jakun in Mandarin Oriental apartment!!!

Hahaa!! i like the sound of the title..

I normally travelled to KL for business trip basically once every two months, and once in a while it was almost every month.So I took the chance to stay as many as possible at hotels around KLCC, for conveniece to get to the meeting venue and also, to feel the different area of lavishness each hotel could provide. Of all hotels, Mandarin Oriental is the last options I was allowed to stay due to its damn pricey cost.

During this one trip, I contacted almost all hotels, even the lowest rate hotel I would want to stay I could remember, to get the room reservation.Nevertheless, I was not lucky enough, it was fully booked. And I finally learnt that the high traffic of hotel booking was due to world accountant congress, and I was upset, almost gave up to proceed with the travelling.

But then on the following week, I feel the need to go to the meeting, hence for my last resort, I called Mandarin Oriental. The result was

'Yes, we have the room available ma`am '

Yahuuu!!!!..It was done deal a few minutes later.

On the arrival day, I was notified by the warm receptionist that my room was upgraded. I was so whatever, didn`t expect much of the upgraded room.

the pathway for other two rooms in the suite

It was when I stepped into the room, errr,no, that was an apartment !!yess apartment!! I was gobsmacked and I took no time to text my bestie about extravagant lodging I ever stayed around KL hotels. Yes,I have the feeling to invite my friends who live in KL to come over, but most them who popped up in my mind are mostly married and awayyy from KL. Somehow, this luxuries are best to shared with someone we care, but whatelse I can do...

Diner Table which saw me having dinner all alone.kah kah kah
  The apartment doesn`t accomodate only one, not two but fooour televisions altogether, in each room plus one in living room. I feel like passing out to face this jakun scene all alone.haha.

living room

 twin-bed room

second kingsize-bedroom

bathroom for master bedroom

master bedroom,so much of a room, too little of my stuff
 The 3-bedroom apartment was spacious enough to provide kitchen with microwave, and I used it to reheat my dinner, hihi, and washing machine some more. I learnt that this apartment costs about RM1k. Perghh, how I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to experience this luxuries, even though for a few nights stay, it doesn`t really matter much. 

On top of eveything, this is not my intention to bragging of what I have experienced. I feel that this is worth to share/write for my sake of reading in the next future. Kapish!

For more info and marvellous pictures, click here

Saturday, November 27

Azizulhasni vs Jijo I knew

I would say that my childhood age was the best years of my lifetime. Back then during my years of a kid, there was so much times spent for play, play and play, and especially during school break, my mother can hardly saw me sit back at home all day. And that was the time when I get to play and know (play first then get to know them later as kids always do, hihih) with most of friends around neighbourhood. Normally the most popular games played back then was what we called 'main getah', a game that you need to jump over a stretch of knotted rubber band until from foot level and ascend to hand-up level. This game required two groups opposed each other, comprised of bunch of kids in one team and that is why the game applicable during the school break, the more the merrier the game.

In the bunch of friends, there was younger kids than most of us, we called him Jijo. So basically this Jijo boy I remembered was a tiny boy, I remember him as a cute boy, for he was fairer than most us, who were tanned and blackened by constant outdoor activities during school breaks. I was not even  that close with him back then, for we have quite vast age gap and as for my age, I was closer with her sisters and brothers.Well, the seniors didn't exchange game strategy with the youngers, uncool!haha. But yes, we have not missing out the routine as other kids in my neighbourhood underwent such as went to the same Guru  for reciting Quran daily. And this boy I knew, was such an active and yet, chicky one.haha!

Years went by and all of us drifted apart when school break was over and time went on and on....
When I was back from uni for term break, it was when my younger siblings told me that Jijo has become famous national cyclist. I was 'Reaally??' and from the moment on, I learnt tht Jijo`s fullname is Azizulhasni...oooo..

And saw him on telly after yearsssssssssss I had not seen him, first thing popped up in mind was 'not as cute as the Jijo boy I remembered in my kids age'..hahahah..Well, a grown up Azizulhasni  surely won`t be as cute as a boy he was,will he?

So!! He went very far with multiple achievements , what with World Silver medalist, gold winner during World Cup keirin and recent gold winning at Asean Games at Guangzhou at merely age of 22, I foresee he is in the midst being awarded Dato'ship if he is able to sustain his excellent performance in next few years.

While he lived not very far my home, so I took a chance to get a snapshot of his mother`s house, from my house area. A little  bit feeling like a stalker indeed. hahah

p/s : I was proud but can`t help from laughing out loud listening to his obviously thick Terengganu accent while watching his promo ad for Astro Arena.kahkahkah!

Monday, November 22

Haiyo! Malaysia lost again, lorr!!

Last badminton tournament I watched this year was Thomas Cup, when I got the chance to watched LCW-LD clash during the final for the first time.( note: I am not a super-fan of sports, but once in a while, getting to know the sports development  in Malaysia is not less than a necessary). And somehow as anticipated, Lin Dan emerged as the winnner of Asian Games 2010, another major championship that was sought by  both players after succcefully defeated Dato` Lee last night .  I can`t help from felt frustrated for the lost, although we know how skillful this somehow good-looking Lin Dan played, close to as perfect as world champion is supposed to be.
Lin Dan :Golden fist of a champion


As a Malaysian, we can`t stop people, media, or even NGO (ada ker?) from bombarding the player, coach or even BAM on the lost. Nevertheless, credits and accomplishments shall have to be extended to Dato` Lee.  Well, inmy point of view, he managed to present his above-par skill  especially throughout first two games and , I slowly acquired confidence in our national player.
World Badminton Championships 2010: Lee Chong Wei and Lin Din in shock exits
                                           Dato` Lee CW: fighting with blood, sweat and tears
                                                      Photo: REUTERS
Game 3? I have no idea why our performance dramatically deteriorated as soon as rubber set started off.  The similar thing happened to TBH and KKK for men`s double final and yes, it happened many times during previous major tournament I watched. Just leave it to BAM to sort it out.

Back to Dato` LCW story, he fighted much much much better as compared to last Thomas Cup 2010, in sense of his skill, or even his facial expression can tell how confident he was. I just wondering how big responsibilities and expectations from Malaysians  that he has to bear alone on his shoulders. Malaysia has been craving for so much championshiop from this skinny bloke, without even preparing any exceptional quality successors for upcoming years that we able to foresee.

While Dato` LCW is heading for his retirement ages from being No.1 badminton national players, we still take time pondering on next Super-series tournament championship, while we forget that the successor of Dato` LCW is still vague.

I sometimes wonder, how close Malaysia to winning Thomas Cup while the limelight, spotlight , you name it only focus to Dato` LCW and gold double , Tan Boong Heong & Koo Kien Kiat. Yes, they worth the highlights, but doesn`t it affect the motivation from the rest of  national players?? as Thomas Cup is all about the team , not individual..Hmm hmm..

p/s: hunky Lin Dan quote  'I am still young so getting married is not on my agenda yet,' the 27-year-old, widely regarded as the best player of all time, was quoted as saying by the state Xinhua news agency. 'As an athlete, I need to focus on my training and competition.' -- AFP

ok! Enough with the my sports rubbish-review for today! Ciao~

Sunday, November 21


Four days of long leaves from office, with all outstanding tasks have been completed, I can`t be more than pleasant being lazy at home with nothing to worry about when these holidays is over.My auntie has taken the opportunity to hold a little engagement ceremony for her daughter.  Not little of my relatives were there for the event.  I showed up as soon as the other-side family came, joint the doa recital and dismissed, (quietly). I regard my presence as my way of cherish that moment for my cousin. I never meant to be rude or anything, but the fact that I don`t fancy crowd, and being in crowded event not appealing to me.

It is common at my home when this kinda event was organized, older relatives will come over to help at kitchen, whilst for the younger ones will keep buzying decorate stuff or goodies bag or even helping setting up the dais. And my favourite part is, being at the kitchen. Hehe!

When it comes to decorating dais, gifts or even if just watching make-up artist doing their work, it goes down to ladies interest. While this is apparent to common girls at event like this, I am buzying myself at kitchen! The fact is that I enjoy being with makcik2 at kitchen chopping onions rather than being with young relatives (notes: this is applicable only at kenduri, hihi) ..hahah..

The same goes for bigger scale event like wedding. This was happened during my younger sister`s wedding. I don`t bother much to look presentable sister of the bride, but yes, you don`t show up like some kinda woman who just lost a jackpot in front of your "concerned" makcik2, do you? So, day before, I kept myself buzy at kitchen, lend a hand whenever necessary for initial preparation before the event, scrubbing toilet(ok, this may sounds freaky. Yes I am clean-freak!)

On the day itself, I still at kitchen doing the dishes wearing, yes, presentable outfits to be captured in photos, of course! But soon after that, I rushed to the kitchen doing whatever chores which were left unattended by those excited relatives.

I am not much fancy being in the limelight of an event. That is why I don`t get offended  if I am not honoured to be the bridesmaid, even if it is for my bestfriend ( how lucky she is having  an understanding friend like me,pergghhh*just kidding*).

They say, if you want to get married soonest, volunteer yourself!!Be a bridesmaid!! Haha, the tips is not that appealing enough, apparently.

I dont know. Perhaps this is only weird part of my personality. Perhaps, there are still people with a lot worst attitude than me, I don`t care. So long I`m happy for myself, and for them, whom I celebrated, I`m in a good shape.

p/s: Is it worth to get tensed tonight watching abe Chong Wei lawan the abe lindan?? *thinking hard*

Thursday, November 18

gardening as a newbie

The idea to do gardening was triggered lately when I moved in to new house to live with two new housemates. Coming back from office day to day, especially when I had a busy day, I found that the sight of growing life before our eyes was a good theraphy to help me unwind.

Initially, I was quite sceptical on my ability to grow a plant from seeds.I wonder whether I am capable to keep it alive, knowing I was not around everyday to water them as good as nursery would advise. But, why not if I give a try , isn`t? During one weekend, I started to find some plants from my auntie`s collections. The results were, I got bunch of them from my generous aunty!

This plant caught my interests as it has different shades of colors, and thats all I wanted, colours!Oh anyway, just ignore the container as I will put it in a proper vase as it grows larger.

Another is , this pokok puding, I love it to see that there will be new leave grow when I came back from business  trips.
These red leaves keeps on growing and growing from day to day. It`s exciting to see the progress!

The tricky part is this stem. I purposely planted this bunga kertas from the stem, and captured the progress from time to time. I don`t know how old it turn out to be before it died due to my gardening-lousiness. Anyway, it is intriguing to find it out later. Hmmm hmmm..

Well, I don`t bother much about name of  these plants. At the end in mind, I want to see the plants I instilled in the soil will grow to produce a beautiful flower and vibrant colors in front of my house for my mental stabilizing process upon coming back from office.Easy!

Wednesday, November 17

my passport : a book with places and ONE story

I  applied my passport only after my friends and I have confirmed our payment for trip to Beijing. Back then, I was lacking the sense of consciousness about the importance to keep it around and the idea of  a passport is a MUST BRING item in checklist was not that pressing for me to remember during my preparation for the trip.

There was one incident I will never able to  forget about travelling. That was during my  trip  plan to Bali. One day prior to the trip, I have arranged business outstation to KL to attend for a meeting. Initially, things went well with all items to bring to Bali were also packed to be brought along to KL.

The next day in the meeting, I was very enthusiastic to complete all outstanding tasks during the meeting, with end in mind, I will shoot to airport after lunch hour, to be ready for the departure at 5pm. Yesss, the feeling  was so motivated at that point of time, thinking that I will be having pleasure-cum-stree-free weekend trip to Bali after went through hectic day to complete major tasks in the meeting.

It was 12.30 in the afternoon, when one of my travelmates texted me asking the suitable outfits to bring and whatnot(biasalahh, perempuan kann).  I replied her, and then only the thought of  my passport popped up in my mind. That was truly nerve-wrecking moment when I rushed to my travelling backpack looking for what  I have left back in my town, wished the magic luck came to my rescue.
The thing is, the passport was not there!! And it surely will be the last thing I will remember while I packed my bag. I texted another friend of mine, who at that point of time, was travelling from my town to KL. Hell, they were already at Lancang!! The world around  me suddenly blurred and I just heard only buzzing sounds from the conversation in the meeting. I was not able to concentrate to the meeting anymore, went outside the meeting room, made some calls to my travelmates, expecting suggestions on what I was supposed to do. My brillliant friends have been very supportive, positive, you name it, but I gave up hope already. One of them even called AirAsia call center, negative! Another one suggested for me to take flight using firefly, back and forth to KL, time is the limit! And they even suggested to ask my family to hand the passport to bus driver from my home(since the passport was at my home) to KL, time was also the challenge as well.

                                                               the very passport

Like it or not, I had to let go my friends proceeded to the boarding hall without me. The thought of it was somehow regretful, thinking how clumsy I was. I finally settled at house of a  friend of mine over the weekend fully frusrated. I have had a hard lessons learnt for the next trips, painfully!

p/s: Little that I expected, short stay with my friend at KL was a starting point for me to improve my grooming as I learnt on how to put on make-up on face, up until nowadays. Breakthrough moment for me, indeed. =)

Monday, November 15

piece of thoughts from Paghisss

Some people dream to travel around the globe before their retiring ages.Some manage to realize them, be it vacation with family or friends or even  for  business trips. I have experienced a series of trips inside out Malaysia in these years, which will be interesting to share them in upcoming entry. It was irony because knowing old me,travelling was not my uttermost priority back then. Yes, travelling needs bunch of cash, a stretch of annual leaves and well-planned itenarary if you want to get the best out of the money you have spent. But I have learnt that, once I started to drain my penny for my first travelling to abroad, Beijing, the mindset has changed and I gradually got addicted to travelling. Yes! No kidding! The fun,contentment, peaceful winter and  being away from hectic working life, cranky siblings (I missed them while I was away, tho..hihi), felt like me in wonderland!! Well, that was how i felt when i had my first vacay abroad..

Speaking of souvenirs,this is a different feeling when I get it from someone who travelled to the same place as compared if I get it from there by myself. Price is not a question.I have no idea how people around me took it when I give them souvenirs from places I went. Happy, I wish! Oh anyway, it was this morning when I walk to my workstation, tadaaaa!!! Small keychain from Paghisss, errr it`s Paris =).. I was like
"sape baik hati ingt kat aku niiiiii"
I learnt eventually that every lady mate in the office got it, but the small gesture like this, from unknown, enough to make me overwhelming in early morning..hmmm

sape laa yg bagi yerrr...terima kasih atas ingatan ini..=)


Sunday, November 14

..and, i'm finally here!Lets start this off!

All these while, I have been all skeptical when it comes to blogging.  And yet, within  half an hour chat via communcator about having our own blog with my bestie, and bam!!!! this is it~ i have my new Gmail account and on top of it, i have my own blog!!phew~well, the idea of laying things in mind(well, not all) to the screen is suddenly become not that bad anyway. So, this is it~
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