Monday, November 22

Haiyo! Malaysia lost again, lorr!!

Last badminton tournament I watched this year was Thomas Cup, when I got the chance to watched LCW-LD clash during the final for the first time.( note: I am not a super-fan of sports, but once in a while, getting to know the sports development  in Malaysia is not less than a necessary). And somehow as anticipated, Lin Dan emerged as the winnner of Asian Games 2010, another major championship that was sought by  both players after succcefully defeated Dato` Lee last night .  I can`t help from felt frustrated for the lost, although we know how skillful this somehow good-looking Lin Dan played, close to as perfect as world champion is supposed to be.
Lin Dan :Golden fist of a champion


As a Malaysian, we can`t stop people, media, or even NGO (ada ker?) from bombarding the player, coach or even BAM on the lost. Nevertheless, credits and accomplishments shall have to be extended to Dato` Lee.  Well, inmy point of view, he managed to present his above-par skill  especially throughout first two games and , I slowly acquired confidence in our national player.
World Badminton Championships 2010: Lee Chong Wei and Lin Din in shock exits
                                           Dato` Lee CW: fighting with blood, sweat and tears
                                                      Photo: REUTERS
Game 3? I have no idea why our performance dramatically deteriorated as soon as rubber set started off.  The similar thing happened to TBH and KKK for men`s double final and yes, it happened many times during previous major tournament I watched. Just leave it to BAM to sort it out.

Back to Dato` LCW story, he fighted much much much better as compared to last Thomas Cup 2010, in sense of his skill, or even his facial expression can tell how confident he was. I just wondering how big responsibilities and expectations from Malaysians  that he has to bear alone on his shoulders. Malaysia has been craving for so much championshiop from this skinny bloke, without even preparing any exceptional quality successors for upcoming years that we able to foresee.

While Dato` LCW is heading for his retirement ages from being No.1 badminton national players, we still take time pondering on next Super-series tournament championship, while we forget that the successor of Dato` LCW is still vague.

I sometimes wonder, how close Malaysia to winning Thomas Cup while the limelight, spotlight , you name it only focus to Dato` LCW and gold double , Tan Boong Heong & Koo Kien Kiat. Yes, they worth the highlights, but doesn`t it affect the motivation from the rest of  national players?? as Thomas Cup is all about the team , not individual..Hmm hmm..

p/s: hunky Lin Dan quote  'I am still young so getting married is not on my agenda yet,' the 27-year-old, widely regarded as the best player of all time, was quoted as saying by the state Xinhua news agency. 'As an athlete, I need to focus on my training and competition.' -- AFP

ok! Enough with the my sports rubbish-review for today! Ciao~

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Ju Zie said...

girlfriend lin dan dok sokong2 is xde hasil... he dont wanna marry her... ish2

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