Sunday, November 21


Four days of long leaves from office, with all outstanding tasks have been completed, I can`t be more than pleasant being lazy at home with nothing to worry about when these holidays is over.My auntie has taken the opportunity to hold a little engagement ceremony for her daughter.  Not little of my relatives were there for the event.  I showed up as soon as the other-side family came, joint the doa recital and dismissed, (quietly). I regard my presence as my way of cherish that moment for my cousin. I never meant to be rude or anything, but the fact that I don`t fancy crowd, and being in crowded event not appealing to me.

It is common at my home when this kinda event was organized, older relatives will come over to help at kitchen, whilst for the younger ones will keep buzying decorate stuff or goodies bag or even helping setting up the dais. And my favourite part is, being at the kitchen. Hehe!

When it comes to decorating dais, gifts or even if just watching make-up artist doing their work, it goes down to ladies interest. While this is apparent to common girls at event like this, I am buzying myself at kitchen! The fact is that I enjoy being with makcik2 at kitchen chopping onions rather than being with young relatives (notes: this is applicable only at kenduri, hihi) ..hahah..

The same goes for bigger scale event like wedding. This was happened during my younger sister`s wedding. I don`t bother much to look presentable sister of the bride, but yes, you don`t show up like some kinda woman who just lost a jackpot in front of your "concerned" makcik2, do you? So, day before, I kept myself buzy at kitchen, lend a hand whenever necessary for initial preparation before the event, scrubbing toilet(ok, this may sounds freaky. Yes I am clean-freak!)

On the day itself, I still at kitchen doing the dishes wearing, yes, presentable outfits to be captured in photos, of course! But soon after that, I rushed to the kitchen doing whatever chores which were left unattended by those excited relatives.

I am not much fancy being in the limelight of an event. That is why I don`t get offended  if I am not honoured to be the bridesmaid, even if it is for my bestfriend ( how lucky she is having  an understanding friend like me,pergghhh*just kidding*).

They say, if you want to get married soonest, volunteer yourself!!Be a bridesmaid!! Haha, the tips is not that appealing enough, apparently.

I dont know. Perhaps this is only weird part of my personality. Perhaps, there are still people with a lot worst attitude than me, I don`t care. So long I`m happy for myself, and for them, whom I celebrated, I`m in a good shape.

p/s: Is it worth to get tensed tonight watching abe Chong Wei lawan the abe lindan?? *thinking hard*

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