Wednesday, November 17

my passport : a book with places and ONE story

I  applied my passport only after my friends and I have confirmed our payment for trip to Beijing. Back then, I was lacking the sense of consciousness about the importance to keep it around and the idea of  a passport is a MUST BRING item in checklist was not that pressing for me to remember during my preparation for the trip.

There was one incident I will never able to  forget about travelling. That was during my  trip  plan to Bali. One day prior to the trip, I have arranged business outstation to KL to attend for a meeting. Initially, things went well with all items to bring to Bali were also packed to be brought along to KL.

The next day in the meeting, I was very enthusiastic to complete all outstanding tasks during the meeting, with end in mind, I will shoot to airport after lunch hour, to be ready for the departure at 5pm. Yesss, the feeling  was so motivated at that point of time, thinking that I will be having pleasure-cum-stree-free weekend trip to Bali after went through hectic day to complete major tasks in the meeting.

It was 12.30 in the afternoon, when one of my travelmates texted me asking the suitable outfits to bring and whatnot(biasalahh, perempuan kann).  I replied her, and then only the thought of  my passport popped up in my mind. That was truly nerve-wrecking moment when I rushed to my travelling backpack looking for what  I have left back in my town, wished the magic luck came to my rescue.
The thing is, the passport was not there!! And it surely will be the last thing I will remember while I packed my bag. I texted another friend of mine, who at that point of time, was travelling from my town to KL. Hell, they were already at Lancang!! The world around  me suddenly blurred and I just heard only buzzing sounds from the conversation in the meeting. I was not able to concentrate to the meeting anymore, went outside the meeting room, made some calls to my travelmates, expecting suggestions on what I was supposed to do. My brillliant friends have been very supportive, positive, you name it, but I gave up hope already. One of them even called AirAsia call center, negative! Another one suggested for me to take flight using firefly, back and forth to KL, time is the limit! And they even suggested to ask my family to hand the passport to bus driver from my home(since the passport was at my home) to KL, time was also the challenge as well.

                                                               the very passport

Like it or not, I had to let go my friends proceeded to the boarding hall without me. The thought of it was somehow regretful, thinking how clumsy I was. I finally settled at house of a  friend of mine over the weekend fully frusrated. I have had a hard lessons learnt for the next trips, painfully!

p/s: Little that I expected, short stay with my friend at KL was a starting point for me to improve my grooming as I learnt on how to put on make-up on face, up until nowadays. Breakthrough moment for me, indeed. =)

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Ju Zie said...

A very panicky moment indeed!

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