Thursday, July 28

16-day Eurotrip 2016 Spain : Madrid & Granada

24th- 26th April 2016

It was a beautiful day in Madrid, Espania. We arrived in the afternoon, the silent hours in Spain which is called siesta,  whereby the local will use the hour to take a nap.

We dropped our stuff at the apartment and resumed the tour to the Plaza Mayor.  We were just lucky as we reached the plaza at happy hour when a pan of pizza just cost 1euro. Whee~

Yes, that was the most decent lunch that we could find here. Finding a proper bench to eat was another story. So we decided to have the lunch bites in the middle of the plaza. Definitely it was exciting and lively.

We proceeded walking to the Royal Palace of Spain.

The palace is huge (well, obviously~) so we spent quite some time for evening stroll around the palace - gate. Haha

Second day in Madrid, we kicked off our day early to go to Real Madrid FC Stadium. Well, every bytes of wireless data was just priceless. This was where we waited outside apartment before the rest were ready.

Well I am not really a fan of any football club, but chances to visit the homeland of well-known club like this dont come every day, yes?

From Madrid , we went travelled to Granada, an ancient city where the great historical structure of Alhamdra is situated.

The city is one of the lay back city that we stayed. I like the surrounding of the city, and having a long walk in chilled day was rather enjoyable.

We have one full day to explore the beautiful city, and this time we chose to follow city tour by foot. The attractions were closed with one another, thus the guided tour came in handy.

The tour was split by two languages, one in English and one in Spanish. There were time when we lost from our group(well, snapped pictures and posed like nobody's business, what do you expect~), so we hung out with the Spanish group. Definitely none of her explanation was understandable, but seeing her audiences listened with intensity, I felt impressed as the tour guide herself delivered the information with passion in her eyes. I fell in love with Spanish people instantly. Ah~

Ah well, let's have some more pictures taken.

Among of the attractions, we were brought to the spot where we can observe the Alhambra gate. Yes
,that was what beggars like us would have for our piece of Alhambra memories. Or else , we gotta spend handsome amount of euro to get the access to the ancient building.

We walk along Morroco-styled street market and bumped into this restaurant when we started starving. We had our local lunch just in time of siesta when the shops started to close. We finished with the lunch, strolled to hotel while doing some shopping. Overall the experience were awesome!

Monday, July 18

16-day Eurotrip 2016 Turkeye : Cappadocia & Istanbul

21st- 24th April 2016

So we have decided to take Europe for year 2016. Yay!~

I took us almost 24 hours on the go before we arrived our first destination, Cappadocia. we arrived at Gerome Cave house in the night time, and we were so drained in excitement to finally get a proper bed to sleep. 

This region is located at the central of Turkey and the weather was super chilly in the morning ,and worse in the night time.

Our stay at the cave house came with complimentary breakfast.

We enjoyed the breakfast while observing the hot air balloon in the freezing morning sky. What a wonderful start of a day. 

It was an impromptu itinerary when we booked a tour around Gerome. 

We went to a few attractive valleys around the regions, yes, this place offers a numbers of valleys to explore and the view was breathtaking. 

We were also brought to the underground city, where the ancient people survived from the war in the old days.

And got lunch, we were served with main dish of turkish-styled couscous with chicken. And now, seeing back this pic I can feel my mouth starts watering. Craps!

Apart from hot balloon air, Gerome is also well known of its cave houses. And we took the opportunity to stay there to experience sleep in the freezing night.I tell you, it was awesomely cold!

Sunrise in Gerome was not something to be missed when reaching here. The view was indeed spectacular, with hot air ballon filled the Gerome air.

From Capp, we flew back to Istanbul. In here, it is a bit hotter and chaotic that Gerome. The attractions are a lot more to visit and appreciate.

We took the chance to cross Bosphorus ferry cruise as well. The breeze was so cold and yet it was an enjoyable cruise.

We dropped our luggage and backpacks at the apartment before we left to city. First of all, having lunch overseeing the Blue Mosque.

We purchased Istanbul card for easy accessibility of its public transportation to go  around and about Istanbul city.

Amongst other places we went were the well-known Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) and Istiklal street (tram).

Oh yes! It was my birthday. Wee~ So we had a little cake session while enjoying the evening view around Sultanahmet area.

It was a wrap up for our days in Turkey. And we were just ready to move to next destination. Strolling around the Blue Mosque in the morning was a bliss. It was not as hectic as in the other time whereby the pedestrians were very minimum at this hour. And definitely I took chance for selfie on the go. Ha ha~

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