Monday, December 31

Hotel Thanh Thu, Saigon

I have booked a hotel in Ho Chi Minh way early before departure. Nevertheless, when we were closer to the trip date, one of my colleagues who has visited the city suggested to me the Thanh Thu Hotel.

And fortunately, our decision to change the hotel from the previous booking was worth it! The hotel is located approximately less than 30 minutes drive away from the airport. The premise is surrounded with shops, halal restaurants, 5 minutes walk away from night market site and Benh Market.

When we arrived here,some parts of  the hotel was undergoing the renovation process which somehow has disturbed our good night sleep. Hmmpph..


Anyway, that was only minor issue if compared to the hospitality offered by the staff. The receptionist and other hotel staff were really friendly and ever ready to assist us with relevant info about the streets, main attractions, market and etc.

And the facilities offered in the hotel room is also commendable with the price that we paid. It was very comfortable stay, and most important of all, the location is very strategic for tourist especially who aim to get there for SHOPPING!

Wednesday, December 26

City tour in Vietnam

It has been ages since I wrote my last entry.  Ok, let`s get something updated now.

13th Oct 2012

Zaira and I  together with Zamani and Sean went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam err wait.....two months back! (O man! how time flies) Let's wish my memory is strong enough to recall everything to be written in this entry. We arrived at HCM city quite early to have our breakfast for the day. Our decision to stay at Ben Thanh area was not dissapointing. Apparently it was not that hard to find the halal restaurant around Ben Thanh area. The choices are there, it just that we have to be wise enough to find one with reasonable price.

We had a stroll afterwards for a city tour when we were approached by a man with tricycle smil greeting us. The day was getting hotter, and with little information about the city in hand, we decided to hop on the tricycle. Ah well, stupidity at its best began.

For the record, a friend of mine who went here gave me word of advice before my departure. 
Never ever take a ride by the tricycle on the street, or you will be cheated.
 I don't know what was I thinking, I mean, even in Malaysia,people don't ride tricycle to go to  anywhere leisurely, it was definitely too rare to happened, wasn't it? Perhaps we were too carried away with the fatigue from the long hours on the go, I guess.

We were brought touring around the city for 3 hours, with very little time was allowed for us to take the pictures at the city attractions. It was nice tour tho, even though at the end of the day we were caught by surprise upon knowing that they charged us up to RM250 per person. And it was the time when the sweet big teeth smiling faces were all gone and replaced with samseng face asking for the money. *fainted* .

Just so you know, all attractions in the city are just walking distance away from Ben Thanh area. Total lost. Total lost.Haiyoo.

We went to the War Remnants Museum whereby all pitiful photos and information about the Vietnam Civil war were displayed.  Informative and yet distracting.

                                                                                           War Remnants Museum

Alhamdulillah, despite the poor incident with the irresponsible tricyclists,  we managed to have another round of city tour on our own and captured the pictures as memento, with endless curses along the stroll. Ha ha.

                                                                   Reunification palace
                                                                 Notre Dame Cathederal

                                                               General post office

                                                                      City Hall

Shoppingwise, I`m telling you Ho Chi Minh city is shopping paradise for cotton cloth and scarves lovers. I was not into both of them, but for the sake of benefitting the super cheap price with competetive quality, I bought myslf a readymade baju kurung made of vietnamese silk and some souvenirs to bring home.

One of the halal restaurant which is close to our hotel, Kampung Melayu.

One interesting about HCM city is that, the city is crowded with soooooo many motorcycles. The cars were also seen on the road, but the motorcycles has outnumbered them much more.

And if Thai female are tall and slim, I saw many vietnamese ladies are shorter than average height, petite with little legs that skinny jeans fits them so nicely. And one thing for sure, vietnamese ladies are very exquisite and silently, I can't help from adoring them while bargaining stuff with them . Santteeek...Ha ha.

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