Saturday, February 26

Maya Hotel, KL

So, I attended ECC6 Impact Assessment Workshop at Rennaisance Hotel for 2 days recently. Initially I planned to stay at the same hotel where the event was organized. Until later when I learnt that there was no free internet service provided, I opted for an alternative. Nowadays, being away from office even if only for two days is a long period for my mailbox to be left unchecked. I mean, if there is another hotel  nearby which provides the internet service with free of charge, why would I want to bother to pay for the usage internet at this hotel? Thus, I settled with Maya Hotel, which is located only a few walks away from Rennaisance Hotel.

the lobby
The different setting of this hotel as compared with other hotels is that the layout is like hostel dormitory, whereby we can see the other rooms  across our room. I was at level 11, and there are a lot more rooms up there.

The receptionist informed me that my room was upgraded to the deluxe room, with two complimentary breakfasts. The room was huge and cozy that my mind immediately freshen up with the sight of the cozy room.

I love the couch. Must get one at home!
It was not only Hilton which has some sort see- through bathroom. Apparently Maya has more advanced version I-can-see-you-there-bathroom! Hahahah.. Fret not,there was a curtain at the left hand side to cover up. It just that the 'security' level was a bit hmmm, not trustworthy. If you happened to bring a playful friend to stay over with you, please be careful. hihihih

Psstt... psstttt!!
The hotel management is putting very much effort in welcoming their guest which I think is a good gesture. The carpet inside the lift is replaced on daily basis. It is very useful to the guest who always on-the-go, and  the guest like me who sometimes lost my sense of time. I wonder if  the staff in-charge forget to replace the 'day', one day. Hmm hmmm..

The stay came with complimentary breakfast, for two. But I didn't have a friend staying with me. On the contrary, my colleague was also staying in the same hotel but she was only given one complimentary breakfast. She brought her friend along, assuming that she was entitled with two complimentary breakfasts. It turned out that she had to pay almost RM70 for  the additional breakfast upon checking out. Poor her. Oh, it might turned out differently if I told the cashier to charge the additional breakfast to my room. But this lucky friend, she didn't ask anything, but signed off the bill.

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Wednesday, February 23

Guilty pleasure at Temptation, Renaissance Hotel

As a PMMS Focal Person, I was once asked about interesting fact about me to be incorporated in my profile. And I was required to give the answer there and then. I have no idea what was interesting about myself at that point of time.  As a result, I settled to this I`m- not –sure –if –it-is -interesting -fact
' I love eating that I cannot stock food in my fridge'
Well, that's quite a problematic rather than interesting fact, I guess.

Recently I attended ECC6 Impact Assessment Workshop which took place at Rennaisance Hote for two days. In normal circumstances, when an event take place in hotel, then automatically our lunch will be served by the hotel.
I only have the chance to enjoy the buffet lunch at the hotel on the second day. On the first day I have to skip the lunch, for I was too full and I had to rush to the hotel where I stayed to get some work done and surely I needed to get connected to my working email. There is no free internet provided in Renaissance Hotel, even for the guest.

It has been ages that I didn’t have the luck with the luxury of food selections for lunch in hotel.  One tip when having buffet lunch at hotel is never take too much rice. Otherwise your stomach will be full before you even finished enjoying your first plate.  For the first round, I was having turkey breast slice, steamed broccoli, fried prawn, crispy squid, big fat kupang and chicken satay.

Next plate consisted of chocolate –dipped honey dew and mashmallow, bread pudding, ice cream and strawberry mousse.

Not enough with those plates, I resumed with a couple of plates more, with some dessert and fresh fruit. The dining session took almost one hour, and I felt like walking like a penguin afterwards. I felt sinful to be too full. Huhuhu..Or is it just a feeling of guilty for violating my so-called diet plan? Wadever!=p

Not enough with those plates, I resumed with a couple of plates more, with some dessert and fresh fruit. The dining session took almost one hour, and I felt like walking like a penguin afterwards. I felt sinful to be too full. Huhuhu..Or is it just a feeling of guilty for violating my so-called diet plan? Wadever!=p

Sitting in the workshop from 9 to 5 was pretty intensive.  Thus, after the meeting ended, my colleague and I went to the outside of the ballroom to take some pictures. Somehow, snapping some pictures around the huge luxurious area which filled with beautiful chandelier was helpful to unwind.

Did I look a bit of Maksim? =P

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Sunday, February 20

Le Meridian Hotel, KL

It has been hectic days for me in this couple of weeks. .And all at once I have to go to a number of business trips which are more frequent than usual in a short period of time. Most of my days and nights were spent either on the road, or in hotels. Well in other words, I could hardly enjoy my peaceful days, let alone some time to blog. Ahh.. nevermind, it is just a temporary thing, anyway. 

I stayed at Le Meridian Hotel, KL this time around for this business trip. This hotel is situated beside the KL Sentral. So, when arrived from KLIA, I didn't have to bother to deal with another version of taxi driver to go to the hotel. Well, at least not this time around, hihihi.

The hotel is sharing the same entrance with Hilton Hotel, from KL Sentral. Oh by the way, don't get me wrong. Not that the hotels don't have their own main entrance. Of course, they have. Otherwise, how would VIPs get to access the hotel, surely not from the crowded street at KL Sentral area which rakyat kebanyakan like me would choose. Hihi

There are two routes to choose. The first time I saw this unique entrances, it feels like either choosing to enter the elegant Hilton hotel or to enter disco-like Le Meridian. No no.. Disco sounds so old-school. Pub it is.

So, these are some pictures of the room interior. Comforting and less luxury as compared to the rate. The complimentary provided is only wireless internet, no breakfast is included in the package.

the hotel lobby

pathway to my room

All in all, I think at the same rate, Hilton serves their guest better.

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Thursday, February 17

Take That- The Flood

The last time I listened to Take That when their hit song 'How Deep is Your Love' topped the chart back in 1997, when I just acquired my own ID. It has been ages! I have been looking for  the title of the song for weeks, but couldn`t find it even though I recognized that it is Robbie William`s voice. Until when I found it, Robbie Williams lead the song in Take That.  Are they coming back as a band or it is merely a reunion thing? I guess this song symbolizes their reunion. Hmm hmm

* Watched the video : They might win it if they stop singing while racing..hihi

The Flood lyrics

 Standing on the edge of forever
at the start of whatever
shouting love at the World.
Back then we were like cavemen
but we met the moon and the stars
then we forgave them.

We will meet you where the lights are
the defenders of the faith we are
where the thunder turns around
they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.

You know no-one dies in these love drowned eyes
through our love drowned eyes
we'll watch you sleep tonight.

Although no-one understood
we were holding back the flood
learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood
they said we'd never dance again.

Breathin' (Bleeding) but none of us leavin'
wash your mouth son or you'll find yourself floatin' home
Here we come now on a dark star
seeing demons not what we are
tiny minds and eager hands will try to strike
but now we'll last the day.

There's progress now where there once was not (none)
where there once was not (none)
then everything came along.

Although no-one understood
we were holding back the flood
learning how to dance the rain.
There was more of them than us
now they'll never dance again.
Although no-one understood
there was more of them than us
learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood
they said we'd never dance again.

We will meet you where the lights are
the defenders of the faith we are
when the thunder turns around
they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.

Although no-one understood
there was more of them than us
learning how to dance the rain.
There was more of them than us
now they'll never dance again
now we'll never dance again.


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Monday, February 14

Day trip to Rantau Panjang

I had a long stretch of holidays during recent CNY break. Initially, I planned just to stay at home, have a good rest and quality time with family. But, it turned out slightly different when my brother who lives in Kota Bharu invited me to go to Kota Bharu to attend his friend’s engagement reception.

The last visit I made- a proper one was 4 years back, a trip for Wastewater Engineering course.  Thus, the idea sounded right at the right time. Plus, I was thinking about stretching the visit to another duty free shopping spot, Rantau Panjang.

Initially I planned to take some tours around KB before going off to Rantau Panjang. But boy, I was wrong. The trip wasn’t as short as I thought. We arrived in KB in the afternoon, and stuck with traffic jam almost the entire trip. Thus, we popped up just a while at the reception and shot off to Rantau Panjang.

Time was the main constraint; I have to forget my plan and just enjoyed the sight of KB town from inside the car...huhuhu..The first and the last time I enjoyed HPA Fried Chicken- imitation of KFC foods was when I went to Gurun, Kedah two years back. Now, it has expanded to KB! Nice.. Anyway, I am KFC-freak since forever. I guess this KFC clone didn’t taste as good as original KFC, tho..hihih.

Stand-alone KFC, awesome!

When we were still wandering around KB town, I asked my brother to stop by at a few spots. Perhaps he has grown accustomed with the environment, and felt that nothing special about the places that I wanted to visit. Thus he laughed at me when I asked him to stop by every now and then for picture-taking. Cett!!

My Cik Cindi Crawford met its twins on the road!

So we arrived at Rantau Panjang, after almost 3 hours from Kota Bharu battled with traffic jam throughout the trip. Thankfully, my brother was the driver because if it was me, then most probably we would arrive at Rantau Panjang at night when all the shops were already closed.


They say, Rantau Panjang is the best place to buy stuff at the best bargain price. Apparently, the bargain process was really a tough deal during this festive season. Every shop was crammed with visitors like feeding frenzy. And surely bargaining the price was the toughest deal to do at that point of time. My brother said, they will be more lenient to customers who speak in Kelantanese dialect. Thus,  I left my brother to do the talking to negotiate the price, hahah, no success anyway.

I didn’t really mind about it after all. I have planned what stuff that I wanted to grab from this shopping spree beforehand. And eventually,  I found them at the best price possible. So did Mother. Hence, I was more than happy for the stuff we bought after super exhausting trip, despite the fact that I have to skip the visit to KB`s attractions. There will be next time, I guess.

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Friday, February 11

When a kid has Facebook with little friends...

A few months back, my two little sisters, Fatihah and Ika asked me to set up FB accounts for them, but I ignored them. Both are in Standard 4 and Standard 2, respectively. So, I told them that they are too young to have an FB account. Not that I tried to refrain them from being exposed in IT world, but I guess FB is not a beneficial page for them to register at that very young age. Plus, this evil sister was too lazy to entertain their wish while having a good time browsing internet, hihih.

But they didn't give up that easily when I learnt that they have set up their own FB account eventually, with the help of an older,bossy friend. So, they have FB account, but to find friends, they were having a tough day. Not many of their classmates have registered FB, which means, in their chat room, they were having almost zero chatmate. They got excited when seeing me online, and started typing emoticons at my page, just for the sake of 'chatting' with someone.

pantang pasang wi-fi

Ahhh,... me being an old-school, I was curious, and I asked them how they came up with those emoticons. You know, in FB, they didn’t have emoticon button like you can just click those expressive emoticons. So,  they handed me this piece of paper. I can’t help from laughing out loud because they  have practically memorized them by heart! I mean, they have no friend to chat with, but for the sake of `fully-utilizing’  the chat box, their efforts have gone to extra miles. Hahahah

So these are some of emoticons that I learnt on how to get it popped in FB chat box, just for fun! I believe many of you are already aware about this.  But being me who just didn`t really bother much about FB other than ocassionally shouting, commenting and chatting every once in a while, I find it something amusing!

:3 - Flaring nostril
8)- Nerd
O:) - angel with halo
3:) - cat (or possibly  evil??)
:v  -pacman
:* -kiss
8| - sunglasess
<3 - heart
(^^^)- shark
<(") - bird

Ok, that`s all I can paste here.

Happy weekend!

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Wednesday, February 9

MLM- Tons of info to listen, but not to trust

It was one sunny afternoon, a young man came to my house looking for my mother to sell a water filter. Until later when Mother didn't successfully convince the man that she was not interested with the product, Mother woke me up from my brief nap to deal with them.

Before anything, the man asked me to sit back to listen his lengthy explanation on how to use the water filter. Mind you, I've been reading many revelations about MLM from AididLeaks beforehand. This made me getting more suspicious about this unwelcomed guest to my house.

When I saw him with a box of water filter, a laptop bag which comprised of thick, worn-out file, I had a feeling that this man had something to do with MLM thingy. But who on earth would want to admit it, wouldn't' he? So I opted to play the game for a while. The conversations went on, twisted at the end. These are his MLM points that he laid down to me;

1) The product is Swiss techno, I made a research just to find out that the product is originated from Singapore
2) His visit was made due to the directive from KHDN to give away the water filters to a number of selected households
3) The product was used by (if I was not mistaken), almost 4000 users in this state
4) 150 household would be given the water filter, and so far 75 households have been identified. Nicely 150 by 2. Fair and square!
5) The company has huge expertise in water, just anything about water!
6) The salesman himself studied in water course bla bla in university. I did take the course back in uni, and I was about to ask him of what course he was actually taking. Nevertheless, I reserved the question to convince him that he was talking to a dumb potential customer.
7) The product was testified by established universities including Harvard, I tell you! At this point, he asked me what was my education level, I acted dumb, saying I only have SPM, just wanted to see to what extent he would continue with more lies to me
8) The water filter is smaller version of factory version water filter which could process salt water to drinkable water. Crappy!
9) The water filter brand is the same entity as Amway, and other water filter brands.

Just the right time when I pinpointed to him that if it was like Amway,then the product he sold was only another brand of MLM products. But hey, he wouldn't want to admit it of course! He denied that he was an MLM practitioner on this brainless explanation

' ini bukan MLM kak, kite jual satu barang jer..water filter jer. So single market. Kalo Amway tu yg kerajaan haram tu, derang jual byk barng, tu yg MLM tu'
Ohoo... I guess he didn't really make a good homework before going off cheating housewives over here.
It was over 15 minutes when I was getting more annoyed with his elaborated lies. I have to make some white lies to cut it short, telling him I have used one and broke, unrepairable, now I wasn't interested with it anymore. I bought the water filter at cost of RM500. (I told him the cost because I believed the filter in front of me will cost much higher)

Guess what. This was what he said
'oooo.. RM500 yer kak? Yg ni harga die RM 3000.'
There you go! Initially he told me that was not for sale, then at the end of the selling presentation, the intention was well shown in front of me.

He still insisted to continue influencing me when he asked me whether I wanted to test the quality of tap water at my home.

My response was simple

" tak payah, syarikat air Terengganu dah bagi air bersih, tak payah nk test2 dah"

I'm telling you, this kind of people, they won't back off so easily even though we have told them million times that we didn't want their products.Thus, this was what I said to him , that I saw he was taken aback with my bluntness.

'OK2.. saya tak nak mende filter ni, awak tak payah citer pjg2 lagi sebab saya pon nk kuar jap lagi.. So ada ape2 lagi? Ke awak nak air? '
I guess by offering some drinks to him would be most hospitable way of me to kick him out of my home, very soon!

p/s : 3 hours afterwards, I learnt that he has successfully sold the bloody water filter at cost of over RM 1000 to my aunt, poor them.

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Sunday, February 6

Taxi drivers and their entertaining skills

When I went to KL for business trips which frequently by Firefly, there were a few occasions that I need to take a cab to transfer to and from Subang Airport. Under certain circumstances, I have a preference to ride with a quiet driver. But, surely I could not dictate with the taxi coordinator which taxi I would want to ride. I didn't have much problem with quiet driver, as long as he didn't turn classical radio on. hihi

But I was not that lucky all time. I have encountered quite a number of taxi drivers with behaviours that I could never forget until the moment I write this. Mind you, this is not reflecting all taxi drivers out there. Just a little experiences with those eccentric drivers. 


My colleague and I took a ride together using a cab. So there was only one receipt given to us. For claiming purpose, one of us needed an additional receipt for enclosure. 

Me : Encik, bole mitak resit extra?
Driver: Bole, tapi saya kena caj la. Korng kan nk claim nnt lagi byk kan?

My colleague and I looked at each other, annoyed. I mean, no matter how much our claim would be, surely that is not your business, is it? Soon after that, we found ourselves in Fast and Furious shooting, for he drove like mad, that we felt like we might crash in accident at anytime.


There was one time when I wanted to take a ride to Subang Airport. I text a taxi driver to pick us up to the airport. No answer. Fine. After a while of waiting, I called him. He told me that he was already at Jalan Ampang, like 500m away from the Twin Tower's main entrance. And to my utter surprise, he asked me to walk to his cab, for he didn't know how to go to Twin Tower from his location. I mean, seriously?

KL taxi driver is supposed to know every inch of streets in KL especially in KL City Center, isn't it? In the meantime I have no idea why he kept on shouting while talking to me, which gradually rising my temper to stay patient. I called off my request there and then. Like it or not we went off to street to take the passing cab which offered incredulously high rate. 


I was too drained to take an LRT from KL Sentral to KLCC, thus decided to take a cab. The driver turned on Klasik Nasional. Oh no! I felt more exhausted than I was upon listening to the loud radio. Hoho.. I went even crazier when the driver drove at 70km/h  on the clear road when I was so impatient to be at hotel soonest! Aiyooo.. After a while on the road, the driver struck a conversation, the last thing I wanted to do in the cab. Sometimes being probed by silly questions was really getting on my nerve. 

Cab driver : ........ kamu dari Kerteh, tempat gali minyak tuyer?
Me : Ye pakcik
Cab driver: Die gali dalam laut yer, atas darat tak de yer?
Me : Ye pakcik
Cab driver : Macamane die gali tu yer? Die guna ape yer?Ish ish ish
Me: (oh pls shut up pakcikkkk...) ntah la pakcik!

I also encountered with very chatty driver when I took this ride with a colleague. And the interesting part about his chatty behaviour was that he kept on repeating this line in every story he told us. Out of politeness, we `ahh’... and `oohh’.. at every possible pause in his story. When we passed construction site on then-Pudu Jail, he went 

Driver:  derang nk buat apartment atas tapak penjara ni dik, tapi dah lama sangt dah tak siap2 lagi. PAKCIK  TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us     : oohhh

When we passed National Palace, his story was this

Driver: Dulu jalan ni jammed teruk, Permaisuri Aishah tu, time org nk balik keje, time tu la die nk kuar shoping. Jadi jammed la jalan ni nk tunggu die kuar. PAKCIK TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us : oohhh

Driver: kat KL ni byk peragut ni, adik hati2 bawak handbag tu nnt. PAKCIK TAU LA PAKCIK DAH 20 TAHUN BAWAK TEKSI
Us : Ooohh.. 

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Thursday, February 3

Impiana Hotel, KLCC

It was gloomy Sunday, well Sunday blues in common term. The feeling was mixture of laziness and summoning the momentum after almost a week away from office. While my mind was still wandering elsewhere other than the tasks on the table, my boss approached me
'Juli, esok you join meeting kt KL tu yer?'
I was caught off guard at the reminder, not because I wasn't aware of the invitation. I realized that I was not only having an issue with the Sunday blues, but also the sense of time. Poor me!
'Meeting? Bukan 31hb rabu ni ker?'

The rest of the day was a hectic life for me to prepare a few reports and documents to be brought to the meeting, which has spoiled my Sunday blues. 

Taking the last flight to KL with MAS, I used KLIA express from KLIA to go to KL Sentral. It took almost half an hour to reach KL Sentral. I was getting tired by the weight of my compact backpack and the rush travelling. It has been a while I didn't use ERL service. When I saw a notice on the availability of 4G wifi
inside the ERL, I was over the moon!And the thinking of exhaustion dissapeared.

This was the first time my stay at Impiana Hotel, KLCC. Hj Big Boss kept on insisting to us to stay in hotels around KLCC which provides cheaper rate such as Impiana, and Mandarin Oriental is a no-no. Ok bos! Impiana it is!

Despite the fatigue from the entire trip to go to the hotel, I was elated by the sight of the deluxe ambience. But unpleasant part of the hotel service was the guest service itself. I called the guest service to request for chili sauce to eat with KFC that I brought from KL Sentral. I waited until 15 minutes. If it is in any otther hotels, the request was supposed to be entertained by then. No one turned up, until I finished the KFC itself without my requested chili sauce. OK fine, but not quite. 

I called again the guest service requesting a paper bag to put my stuff which have overloaded my backpack. Mind you, normally a paper bag is provided to the hotel guest as complimentary. But I was a little taken aback when the hotel staff handed me a folded paper bag with PARKSON sticker was still pasted on it. I would really appreciate it if they did some efforts to remove the PARKSON tape from the paper bag, if only they didn't provide a complimentary paper bag for the guests. 


The next day, I had a breakfast which came together in package with the stay. The restaurant was quiet, unlike other hotels around KLCC which were so crowded in the morning. And there were varieties of food selections to enjoy. I was having great breakfast while killing the time before going off to KLCC. =) 

Free scrumptious omelette is only available at hotels *wink*
The interior of the restaurant
In overall, the interior design of the hotel is elegant, more than I expected (for a cheaper rate). Except for a little glitches from the hotel services, the deep sleep that I had in the night concluded my satisfactory stay.

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Tuesday, February 1

Sushi For Beginners

Title: Sushi For Beginners
Author : Marian Keyes

The book is about three women, who led different route of life, were on the verge of happiness. For some reason, their life suddenly shattered into pieces and they went through a certain degree of depression to cope up with the relationship failure.

Lisa, was once a successful fashion magazine editor,found her life turned upside down when her long-separate-husband appeared into her life to file for divorce. Her life was just wonderful and glamorous,not until her husband emerged into her life demanding a happiness-shattering request.
Ashling, who was Lisa's assistant, almost hit 30s and still single. Being at the age and still unmarried,she was eyeing for a boyfriend until she met a comedian and they fell in love. Only to find out later that she was not that lucky in love when she found out true color of her new comedian boyfriend.

Clodagh, Ashling's bestfriend,beautiful woman married to hunky husband and gifted with two kids. Just a perfect life anyone could wish. On the contrary, she found her life as a mum to the kids was not fun,and always feel intimidated with Ashling and her single life. She met Ashling's  friends in a comedy gig and the choices she made afterwards has caused a catastropic disaster to her happy life.


I think this is an interesting book with multiple life conflicts and yet the story was well-plotted in light way.

Moral : Appreciate your life as it is because the moment you realize that you have been wasting your life not savouring them, it might be too late..

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