Tuesday, February 1

Sushi For Beginners

Title: Sushi For Beginners
Author : Marian Keyes

The book is about three women, who led different route of life, were on the verge of happiness. For some reason, their life suddenly shattered into pieces and they went through a certain degree of depression to cope up with the relationship failure.

Lisa, was once a successful fashion magazine editor,found her life turned upside down when her long-separate-husband appeared into her life to file for divorce. Her life was just wonderful and glamorous,not until her husband emerged into her life demanding a happiness-shattering request.
Ashling, who was Lisa's assistant, almost hit 30s and still single. Being at the age and still unmarried,she was eyeing for a boyfriend until she met a comedian and they fell in love. Only to find out later that she was not that lucky in love when she found out true color of her new comedian boyfriend.

Clodagh, Ashling's bestfriend,beautiful woman married to hunky husband and gifted with two kids. Just a perfect life anyone could wish. On the contrary, she found her life as a mum to the kids was not fun,and always feel intimidated with Ashling and her single life. She met Ashling's  friends in a comedy gig and the choices she made afterwards has caused a catastropic disaster to her happy life.


I think this is an interesting book with multiple life conflicts and yet the story was well-plotted in light way.

Moral : Appreciate your life as it is because the moment you realize that you have been wasting your life not savouring them, it might be too late..

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4 responses:

Judiene said...

Macam best.
I used to spend hours reading novels but since I enrolled in college, not anymore.
Maybe takde masa kot.
Cehh, cam busy sangat la kan.

Juli said...

hahahaha..a aa laa. assignmnt, test and whutnot.tp reading books sometime can help to unwind =)


i love to spend my times with novels;)
yes, it's not wasting time, indeed we can get to learn and used with the new vocabs for everyday.

babe, i sounds best lah novel di atas. who's the writer?

Juli said...

marian keyes =)

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