Thursday, February 3

Impiana Hotel, KLCC

It was gloomy Sunday, well Sunday blues in common term. The feeling was mixture of laziness and summoning the momentum after almost a week away from office. While my mind was still wandering elsewhere other than the tasks on the table, my boss approached me
'Juli, esok you join meeting kt KL tu yer?'
I was caught off guard at the reminder, not because I wasn't aware of the invitation. I realized that I was not only having an issue with the Sunday blues, but also the sense of time. Poor me!
'Meeting? Bukan 31hb rabu ni ker?'

The rest of the day was a hectic life for me to prepare a few reports and documents to be brought to the meeting, which has spoiled my Sunday blues. 

Taking the last flight to KL with MAS, I used KLIA express from KLIA to go to KL Sentral. It took almost half an hour to reach KL Sentral. I was getting tired by the weight of my compact backpack and the rush travelling. It has been a while I didn't use ERL service. When I saw a notice on the availability of 4G wifi
inside the ERL, I was over the moon!And the thinking of exhaustion dissapeared.

This was the first time my stay at Impiana Hotel, KLCC. Hj Big Boss kept on insisting to us to stay in hotels around KLCC which provides cheaper rate such as Impiana, and Mandarin Oriental is a no-no. Ok bos! Impiana it is!

Despite the fatigue from the entire trip to go to the hotel, I was elated by the sight of the deluxe ambience. But unpleasant part of the hotel service was the guest service itself. I called the guest service to request for chili sauce to eat with KFC that I brought from KL Sentral. I waited until 15 minutes. If it is in any otther hotels, the request was supposed to be entertained by then. No one turned up, until I finished the KFC itself without my requested chili sauce. OK fine, but not quite. 

I called again the guest service requesting a paper bag to put my stuff which have overloaded my backpack. Mind you, normally a paper bag is provided to the hotel guest as complimentary. But I was a little taken aback when the hotel staff handed me a folded paper bag with PARKSON sticker was still pasted on it. I would really appreciate it if they did some efforts to remove the PARKSON tape from the paper bag, if only they didn't provide a complimentary paper bag for the guests. 


The next day, I had a breakfast which came together in package with the stay. The restaurant was quiet, unlike other hotels around KLCC which were so crowded in the morning. And there were varieties of food selections to enjoy. I was having great breakfast while killing the time before going off to KLCC. =) 

Free scrumptious omelette is only available at hotels *wink*
The interior of the restaurant
In overall, the interior design of the hotel is elegant, more than I expected (for a cheaper rate). Except for a little glitches from the hotel services, the deep sleep that I had in the night concluded my satisfactory stay.

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8 responses:

Along Usop said...

whoaa.. never really get any chance to get into such a place.. =(

Hazari. said...

the customer service is poor, but still, it's a luxury hotel, I guess. and.. what a job you're in, you're so lucky. hahaha, keep travelling all the time. later on this blog could be a travelogue blog.

miZz_nizZ said...

last g sane 2002..hotel impiana..miss dat hotel=)

Achiq said...

1st. time stay there in 2004, service sooooo poorrrr...
2nd. time - 2006, service also pooorrrr...
Kecik hati sgt dgr waiters dia...bodoh sombong walaupun dgn orng pregnant....
No more Impiana Hotel....

Ju Zie said...

Carpark dia under renovation.. Kna naik pickup ke traders nye parking.. Sdikit inconvenience for the time being.

Juli said...

along: if someday u have the chance to be there, now u knw how the hotel looks like

hazari:hhahha..travelling is just a chunk of things i wish to write, anywy it just coincident that the writing mostly about travelling these days. i`m lucky?? u have no idea if u will be luckier than this =)

mizz nina: come again then =)

achiq: tula..guest service dier ish ish ishh.. biar org tertunggu kat caunter, sambil derng bersuka ria tak appolgze.hampeh

ju.z:tu laa, sapa yg drive pon not really at much advantage, walpon ada shuter ker parking tu

chittysarah said...

never been there..


Anonymous said...

I rather try one night at Majestic for it's historical interior & surrounding.

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