Saturday, April 30

Oh, it was my Birthday!!

It has been a week past my birthday. And only now I manage to spare some time to write something about my birthday. I wasn't really looking forward to my birthday initially. It is typical when the birthday arrives, it welcomes a few significant thoughts, like changes of the number when talking about my age, my achievements so far, and more responsibilities and hardship which are waiting ahead. Well, that's life, no? 

Plus, I just had a family gathering recently where my uncles and aunties kept on asking me on getting married stuff. Oh man, I already answered them last year, and this year the question still came out. Apparently I need  to prepare more reasons to give them for the next family gathering. hahaha.. 

I had a durian feast with my family for a so-called my birthday treat. That was the part when my little brother got confused because there was no cake for the birthday treat. I said the durian is the cake. Easy! Hahaha
And for this year, little that I expect, I had received presents from friends! Despite my plan to reward myself a new gadget for my birthday is still pending, I couldn't be happier when receiving these thoughts.

Chiffon cloth from officemate, Kak Timah.=).

Another collection of charm bracelet by housemate, Izza. =)

Another piece of my current obsession, TieRack scarf  from bestie, Aina.

                                                          pic from  London Deals

Birthday Treat at Secret Recipe by bestie and husband =)))* nyum!!*

Aaaaand.... last but not less special, Elle Sport Small bag from bestie, Ju.Zie. A beautiful surprise indeed! Hihiih..

On top of everything,  a pile of birthday wishes received by phone as well as via Facebook have changed my mind - life is even better when it is our birthday. =)

Saturday, April 23

My baby brother and his writing lesson

One day, my baby brother, Zhaffri told Mother that he refused to go to kindergarten because he couldn’t write ABC. But Mother persuaded him that his sister, Ika was also likewise when she was 5.  That was what Mother told me when I was at home on a weekend.

So, I took a used book and a pencil and handed them to him. What I did was, I made dotted line of A until Z, then asked him to connect the dots. Along the process, I thought he will lose his attention quickly when our cousin came to our house and called him to play. I was wrong, he still insisted me to complete the writing from A until Z , from 1until 10.

When he saw me holding my camera, he asked me to capture him with his 'artwork'.

While he was writing- err.. connecting the dots, he asked me 
‘masa Kak Jue kecik, sapa ajar Kak Jue nulis?’
         (when you was little, who taught you writing?)

Mother and I  chuckled upon listening to the question. Well, I only started going to kindergarten when I was 6. And my journey back then was a lot harder, of course, but worth it.

Thursday, April 21

Rio`s night out

When Wednesday approaches, it means movie night is around the corner! Seeing the list of movies showing at TGV Mesra Mall, there were not many choices of exciting movies that we have yet to watch. As a result, me and bestie decided to watch the last show of the day, Rio-3D together with Ezam, Amoi , Ifa, just-married couple, Shah and wife, Cahaya. *wink*

It is a story of a blue macaw parrot, Blu which is accustomed by human way of life to the extent that he didn`t know how to fly. It is getting exciting when he was brought to Brazil to meet an independent and wild female of its own species in Brazil, Jewel for mating.

The adventure starts when they both suddenly were kidnapped by smugglers, and watching their attempts to escape are really hilarious. The cutest and funniest part is when he tried to express his interest to Jewel.

While waiting for the show to start, we had a light dinner at Secret Recipe.

Iced chocolate was left half by the time the cake arrived

Raspberry Yogurt Cheesecake -yum!

Monday, April 18

It`s good to give people benefit of the doubt, but..!

It was sunny afternoon, we were on free and easy tour around Brisbane city.  Initially we were quite ambitious to explore a few spots around the city before 5pm. The daylight was shorter in Brisbane, therefore we decided to perform the prayer before continue strolling around the city.  There were Arabic students seen around, thus we were positive that we could find the prayer room nearby.
We were quite sceptical to ask about the location of Muslim mosque to the pierced man who was serving alcoholic drinks in a restaurant. But we gave him the benefit of the doubt and let Nabil did the talking. Surprisingly, he mapped us the direction to the mosque.


He told that the mosque was at Vulture St, a few walks away and it was a green building, which made us became enthusiastic to keep going- in the sunny hot day.

We reached the Vulture Street and walked until the end of the street, but there was no sign of mosque around. Little that we aware that we have walked more than 3km from the city centre where even bus was hardly could be seen. With the remaining energy left, we walked further, and all we could spot was a green cathedral- a big one. Crap! All cursing words were playing in my mind and it was about time to let it out.

We returned to the city centre, and until we saw Southbank Institute of Technology. We looked for Student Service Centre, and there! 

The prayer room was located in the campus area which is only a few walks away from the restaurant we went earlier. 

Lesson learnt : If you are looking for help, get it from the right person.


Friday, April 15

Johan & Zizan- super talented comedians

I just learnt how awesome these comedians, Johan and Zizan have been when I saw them in Raja Lawak 5.

I wasn`t a fan of Johan and Zizan until I saw them in Raja Lawak recently- that was when I was curious seeing my brother laughed like nobody`s business watched the show-alone, and I decided to spare some time watched them. They are so hilarious that I could watch Raja Lawak throughout the show only to see them in action-not the participants.=)
And when youtubing their previous shows, I found this awesome sketches by them, and personally being local Terengganu, I can`t help from burst out laughing seeing them.

It was so funny that I wouldn`t bother to watch it repetitively.

 And another video of them, I love the last part of this video. Mmg takleh blah! hahah

P/s : I heard that Zizan is from Dungun! Am I having another celebrity neighbour around my home apart from Jijo? Hmm hmm

Tuesday, April 12

Blue Waters Apartment, Gold Coast

While we were planning this trip a few months back, the lodging is another thing to decide quickly to avoid unavailability of suitable rooms. After selecting a few apartment available in the internet, we finally settled with Blue Waters Apartment.

There were series of communication made with the apartment owner, Darren before we departed. Darren was really resourceful  in providing the information whenever we inquired him via email.

The apartment is located at outer area of  Surfer`s Paradise. Nevertheless, it was not that hard  to get there because the taxi service is just a phone call away. Speaking of the taxi rate, we will be at advantage if we travel in  group of 5 or more.

Well, you can hardly find anything cheap when you are in Australia. Everything is pricey as compared to Malaysia normal price, even for food! They say, the cost of living here is high, well we might want to consider it as part of the reasons.

The living room was quite large, plus the kitchen counter complete with kitchen appliances and utensils  which enabled us to cook for a quick meal.

Dining table was also provided for those who prefers to dine in-house. As for our case, our schedule was too tight to spent for cooking a heavy meal and have it together in the apartment.

Washing machine was also provided complete with the dryer. I guess it is totally benefitial for those who stays longer in the apartment.

This apartment has two rooms, each has a separate toilet. Anyway, additional bunker was also provided with -of course- additional cost. =)

All in all, we had our good time relaxing and sleeping within a few limited hours. Despite a number of  complaints received in the customers` review, we glad we were not that unlucky to experience the glitches. Phew!

Anyway, we discovered the apartment from


Saturday, April 9

Weekend in Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia

One of the challenges when my friends and I were planning to travel abroad is the limitation of available annual leaves. Of course we don't want all our annual leaves are spent to those trips, do we? As a result, we shortened it to a trip over a weekend. So, our recent (which was also a brief one) trip was to Gold Coast, or the locals call it as Goldie or The Coast. Yes, they love to shorten things up as short as possible, like breakfast, they call it as brekky!

The journey took 8 hours on the airplane, after series of dozzing off and waking ups-boring!Touching down the land of Colonggata Airport, we were welcomed by chilled air at 20°c, despite the sunny day that we could hardly spot any trace of cloud at bright blue sky. 

Gold Coast is well known by its theme parks, such as Movie World, Dream World, Sea World and many more World that you can simply pick any of them to feel the different experiences offered by each theme park. And for our trip, we opted Sea World! *Ka-ching!*

Surfers Paradise is the heart of Gold Coast where major shopping buildings (except  for Harbour Town  factory outlet stores) are situated in this area. And we couldn`t be more excited  as soon as we learnt that  Seaworld is the nearest theme park to Surfers Paradise! Bingo!

 SeaWorld, Gold Coast

If you ever dreamed of  watching sealifes in flesh which you normally see them in National Geographic or NatGeo Wild, this is the right place indeed. I was skeptical initially upon stepping into Penguin Encounter- an  Aquaria-like building because all we could see was typical fishes.

Only when we walked further and saw the penguins, this is what had happened. Excuse us for the jakunness. Hahaha. I was at the back of the camera to wipe my wet bag which was accidently spilled  with Coke. And it soaked partial of my passport, and our vouchers throughout the trip.Darn!
 Heyyy...that penguin look at  me!
Every theme park has its own theme rides. And Sea World has no exception. It just that the rides offered here are  not as extreme as the rides in the other theme parks.

This Viking`s Revenge Flume Ride seems  harmless to the riders, but when we experienced it ourselves, it felt like a suicidal.  When it reached the highest point and slided down at almost 90 degrees, it was even horrifying!I screamed like reaching the end of my life. hahahah.

After that, we took a high speed Jet Rescue ride. When we talk about high speed ride, it is equivalent with high  speed of heart beat while we were on the ride.

I was already drained with too much horrified feeling that the idea of riding this Sea Viper Rollercoaster was not really intriguing anymore. hihihi.

We didn't want to get wet too much, thus preferred to be the shooter from the Castleway Bay. And it was more fun to make the boys on the ship soaked by me. What a cheeky game.Hihihi.

the lifes :some of them wander freely arond the park

Fish and Chip:  the heaviest set of meal

Everytime I return home from travelling, my little sisters will run to me and asked  me for new shirts. Even though I have pledged myself that I will not do any shopping during this trip, it would never work.Those Ts were too cute to resist, honestly.

The night activity was a jungle treking to watch glow worm which was guided by local aboriginal, Amali and a torch light given by the tour agent. How on earth  a worm can glow? Trust me, we watched it with our naked eyes, and the sight was really breath taking. Unfortunately, my camera is not powerful enough to capture the glow worm, thus the images remain in this head only. Huhuhu...


The next day we went to Brisbane city. Something new I learnt about pronouncing the city name is that Brisbane is pronounced as in Brisburn. When communicating with local, I pronounced  Brisbane as in lane with the local, and they were having  hard time to understand of what I was saying. Apparently I prounounced it slightly incorrect.*blush*
  waiting for the arrival of river cruise

We were brought touring around the Brisbane city before we were dropped of at pick up point to ride a river cruise.

If we have Eye on Malaysia, they also have Wheel of Brisbane. Except for the fact that I never been on Eye on Malaysia. *sigh*.

Afterwards, we had free and easy time to explore Brisbane city on our own-foot.

 snapping the scene

We decided to spend the remaining night hours at Gold Coast mingling around Surfers Paradise. It was  a happening night life at Surfers Paradise where various street performances were taking place  and attracting many audiences . We took the chance to snap some pictures along the shopping lots, and yes- did some more shoppings. =p.

It was early in the morning that we have to pack up to leave. Off we left Gold Coast, a brief and yet exciting experiences over a weekend!


Tuesday, April 5

A wish right now

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night

sky are like shooting stars

I could really use a wish right now

wish right now

 wish right now


Saturday, April 2

PMO Walk Relay 2011

 HSE week is an annual activity organized at the company I work. Throughout the week, there are many activities held which purposely to instil the importance of practicing HSE culture in daily life amongst us-the staff. What is that HSE thing I am blabbering? It stands for Health, Safety and Environment- HSE.


Of all activities, the only activity I managed to spare some time to join was PMO Walk Relay-HSE week kick-off activity which saw a number of groups competing in a walk race. The competition was initiated by bike parade by local superbike club, a demonstration of remote controlled helicopter - perhaps it is symbolic to our mode of transportation in running our core business and brass-band performance by Kuantan Methodist Girl School.

And of course, our high management committee members a.k.a big bossess of the company were also there to officiate the HSE week.

the officiation ceremony

In our team, were separated into a few check points. Teammate- KakZai and I were waiting at our assigned checkpoint, Rantau Laut neighbourhood. It was a gloomy day that we prayed hardly that the rain would wait until we reached at finished line before it started to pour. Hihihi.
posing before racing

Rantau Laut neighbourhood

We started very slow, but after a few series of overtaking by team mates (KakZai and I off course included!=p) along the race, our team reached the finish line with style! Pheewww!

And to the rest of R1 team mates-Hj Meor, Hj Rosman, KakZai, Awi, Fairuz, Munzir and Abg Man, we made it gang!! Let`s buckle up for next year championship plak! W0oohhoo.!

R1 Team
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