Saturday, April 2

PMO Walk Relay 2011

 HSE week is an annual activity organized at the company I work. Throughout the week, there are many activities held which purposely to instil the importance of practicing HSE culture in daily life amongst us-the staff. What is that HSE thing I am blabbering? It stands for Health, Safety and Environment- HSE.


Of all activities, the only activity I managed to spare some time to join was PMO Walk Relay-HSE week kick-off activity which saw a number of groups competing in a walk race. The competition was initiated by bike parade by local superbike club, a demonstration of remote controlled helicopter - perhaps it is symbolic to our mode of transportation in running our core business and brass-band performance by Kuantan Methodist Girl School.

And of course, our high management committee members a.k.a big bossess of the company were also there to officiate the HSE week.

the officiation ceremony

In our team, were separated into a few check points. Teammate- KakZai and I were waiting at our assigned checkpoint, Rantau Laut neighbourhood. It was a gloomy day that we prayed hardly that the rain would wait until we reached at finished line before it started to pour. Hihihi.
posing before racing

Rantau Laut neighbourhood

We started very slow, but after a few series of overtaking by team mates (KakZai and I off course included!=p) along the race, our team reached the finish line with style! Pheewww!

And to the rest of R1 team mates-Hj Meor, Hj Rosman, KakZai, Awi, Fairuz, Munzir and Abg Man, we made it gang!! Let`s buckle up for next year championship plak! W0oohhoo.!

R1 Team

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MammaSun said...

aku suka gambar yg last...haha....zawawi! tak tahan!

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