Tuesday, April 12

Blue Waters Apartment, Gold Coast

While we were planning this trip a few months back, the lodging is another thing to decide quickly to avoid unavailability of suitable rooms. After selecting a few apartment available in the internet, we finally settled with Blue Waters Apartment.

There were series of communication made with the apartment owner, Darren before we departed. Darren was really resourceful  in providing the information whenever we inquired him via email.

The apartment is located at outer area of  Surfer`s Paradise. Nevertheless, it was not that hard  to get there because the taxi service is just a phone call away. Speaking of the taxi rate, we will be at advantage if we travel in  group of 5 or more.

Well, you can hardly find anything cheap when you are in Australia. Everything is pricey as compared to Malaysia normal price, even for food! They say, the cost of living here is high, well we might want to consider it as part of the reasons.

The living room was quite large, plus the kitchen counter complete with kitchen appliances and utensils  which enabled us to cook for a quick meal.

Dining table was also provided for those who prefers to dine in-house. As for our case, our schedule was too tight to spent for cooking a heavy meal and have it together in the apartment.

Washing machine was also provided complete with the dryer. I guess it is totally benefitial for those who stays longer in the apartment.

This apartment has two rooms, each has a separate toilet. Anyway, additional bunker was also provided with -of course- additional cost. =)

All in all, we had our good time relaxing and sleeping within a few limited hours. Despite a number of  complaints received in the customers` review, we glad we were not that unlucky to experience the glitches. Phew!

Anyway, we discovered the apartment from booking.com


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