Friday, December 30

The housewarming and a new arrival in the family

16 December 2011.

Finally, my bachelor pad is ready to live in! Just so you know, I will be moving out from the current rental house into my new house, real soon. So, as advised by Mother ,I decided to organize a little housewarming festive before I completely relocate my stuff into the house.

The majlis was started off with solat hajat and followed by tahlil. My relatives and friends who live nearby were invited.

                                               Mother and aunties and cousin cum the kitchen fellas. :P

                       Siblings and other cousins were grounded in my room while the tahlil was ongoing outside :P

I snapped a few pictures in the early of the majlis. Only a few snaps, then the camera was out of my hand when the guests kept coming. Being the host, let`s forget about eating leisurely, let alone snapping the pictures.

On the other hand, at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, KT ,my sister safely gave birth to this little man, Muiz. My first nephew! Yippi~

Things went really really well when the day was over. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, December 25

PMO Health Week 2011

Date : 12, 13&14 December

It is month of December, and at office, it is low season whereby many staff were on leave,and subsequently has slightly affected the  productivity of the staff who were still working. Hehe. Alasan~

So an event was organized at my office, which was PMO Health Week.  Numbers of activities were lined-up through out the week such as blood donation, reflexology, Masterchef competion, Physical Fitness Hunt Competition and many more.

There were not so many participations received from the staff. Thus, being the remaining working staff at the end of the year,  I participated the activities both on volunterary basis and on paksarela basis. 

Blood donation is the simplest activity that we could grab a few minutes to lie on the bed during working hour. C`mon, we don`t stand oppportunity like this everyday, do we? Haha!

                                                Sampling paper to determine one's type of blood.

                                The nurse patiently waited for us until the last drop of blood donated. Cool!~

For Physical Fitness Hunt competition, every department has to be represented by one team. Unfortunately, the lady participants representing my department were not enough as per requirement. Therefore, I was required to fill in the  blank. :p

During the race, we were forced to racing up and down the three-storey building in order to find the check points. And at every check point, each of us was required to do specific physical test  such as jumping star, bridging, push-up and many more. Me? I did step up. I managed to do 50 steps in 1 minute. Tiresome!

And oh yes, we named our team as ,errr.,,. Boy Power! Yeaa rite~
Indeed it was good to be part of the team even though I only participated the team on  ad hoc basis. I felt healthier despite of not winnning anything, but only a face towel as the partipation token. =)

Saturday, December 10

Ambition of a lazy cum lousy gardener

Almost one year back, I wrote a story about my new passion about gardening in this entry. 

And there was no update about the progress of the plants afterwards.  Initially, being the so-called new gardener, I changed its ugly container to a much prettier vase.

For a start, I watered it, almost everyday, and gradually it became once in two days, aanndd once in a week, and worse,I let it grew on its own, until finally the soil dried out and- hmm, the plants died. What a lousy gardener I was.

I thought I had had enough with gardening thing. I am simply talentless in growing plants! However, when Ju Zie gave me her vase of pokok bunga kertas before her departure, I guess I can start over again the gardening. *wink*

I will be moving out to my new house soon. So now I am in a thorough effort of taking care this plant with the hope that some flowers will flourish out of it before it is relocated to the new house.

Plus, I bought the fertilizers to increase the growth rate, and  this daisy flower plant. I like the vibrant colors despite my initial intention of not dealing with flower plants. Ohh.. let see what will happen to this creature after a weeks. ah-ha~

Well at least I can ascertain myself that I am still a worthy plant care-taker. Haha!

Monday, December 5

Array of Alex Potter's collections

After buying the movie tickets of Ombak Rindu,I went for a stroll at Popular book store to look for any new arrival of books.

Alexander Potter's book, Who's New Pussycat was listed as one of the best-selling items.

I asked the sales assistance if the book is still available. When she showed me the array of Potter's book, I was awestruck!!

I mean they are so freaking cute and the author is one of my favourite!

Oh well, for now it is just nice to see but not to have. Because I know, I wouldn't have time to read them all nowadays. Gotta save it until next month or so.

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