Sunday, December 25

PMO Health Week 2011

Date : 12, 13&14 December

It is month of December, and at office, it is low season whereby many staff were on leave,and subsequently has slightly affected the  productivity of the staff who were still working. Hehe. Alasan~

So an event was organized at my office, which was PMO Health Week.  Numbers of activities were lined-up through out the week such as blood donation, reflexology, Masterchef competion, Physical Fitness Hunt Competition and many more.

There were not so many participations received from the staff. Thus, being the remaining working staff at the end of the year,  I participated the activities both on volunterary basis and on paksarela basis. 

Blood donation is the simplest activity that we could grab a few minutes to lie on the bed during working hour. C`mon, we don`t stand oppportunity like this everyday, do we? Haha!

                                                Sampling paper to determine one's type of blood.

                                The nurse patiently waited for us until the last drop of blood donated. Cool!~

For Physical Fitness Hunt competition, every department has to be represented by one team. Unfortunately, the lady participants representing my department were not enough as per requirement. Therefore, I was required to fill in the  blank. :p

During the race, we were forced to racing up and down the three-storey building in order to find the check points. And at every check point, each of us was required to do specific physical test  such as jumping star, bridging, push-up and many more. Me? I did step up. I managed to do 50 steps in 1 minute. Tiresome!

And oh yes, we named our team as ,errr.,,. Boy Power! Yeaa rite~
Indeed it was good to be part of the team even though I only participated the team on  ad hoc basis. I felt healthier despite of not winnning anything, but only a face towel as the partipation token. =)

3 responses:

Azian Elias said...

masa student dan sikit dewasa dulu rajin lah donate blood ni. Now dah tak berani.. dah tu adah.. tp ingat nanti2 nak survey gak, boleh ke lagi..

Juli said...

umo tak kesah, cuma kalo Hb content dalam darah yg cukup2 utk diri sndiri jer yg tak lepas tu.heheh

Ju Zie said...

Boy power??? Haha! Lawakz!

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