Monday, February 27

Hyatt Regency Resort,Kuantan

Recently I went to TARA workshop which was organized at Hyatt Regency Kuantan. It is located in Teluk Cempedak, nice attraction just a few miles away from Kuantan city center.

The room rate varies according to the room type, and the view from the room. So I grabbed the chance to pretend myself as a 'lavish tourist', definitely I chose sea-view room.Kui kui kui..

The interior deco is typical like other hotel that I have written in earlier posts.

You know what I mean..the dim lighting, flat screen telly...and wooden floor.

And for lazy bum like me who rather taking a brief nap than having a stroll at the beach, the balcony is just perfect for enjoying the breezy evening before it turned dawn.

And the best part of staying in this room is the opportunity to see the sunrise straight from my bed, as soon as I cracked my eyes open. Breathtakingly awesome!

Saturday, February 18

Tonka Bean Cafe, Dining Heaven of Impiana KLCC

If I were to choose which hotel would I go when travelling to KL, Impiana Hotel KLCC is not likely my first choice. The distance from the meeting venue, the facilities they offer in the guest room are the reasons of why I rather choose other hotels on top of this hotel.

But ...

But,  if you are planning to be on outstation for a liiiitttttle longer than usual, say in 4 days or more, plus if you appreciate food, Impiana Hotel KLCC  is the best lodging I would say.  I stayed in the hotel throughout the week for attending  a training. 

For every 2 nights stay, I was given a complimentary dinner in Tonka Bean Restaurant. Plus, I had the chance to enjoy the delicacies served during the lunches too! So let's feast our eyes now!

As always, I preferred the breakfast to be tagged along with my room. American breakfast is always the preference, definitely.

This ad of buffet dinner was displayed in the lift for January 2012. And upon learning how much I saved for the scrumptious dinners, I was over the moon~Yippi!

Ok, I just want to skip the elaborated details here. The pictures tell it all. I am a big eater!

                                                                 mussels and chicken salad

mussel in ice

Here are the lunch and dinner meals that I took. I snapped the pictures of some of them, and for the rest of the meals, I was just too drooling to remember of snapping the pictures. Hehehe. And the heavy intakes start now~~*drum rolling*

Speaking of desserts,  they serve the Baskin Robins ice creams for the lunches and dinner! Awesome! And these are the desserts I created the look on my own, with the chocolate dripping over the cakes and ice-creams, just to add some flavour. 

It is 10 o'clock, and it is time for me to go to the bed. But, as the matter of fact, I`m starving already. Whuuu~!

Tuesday, February 14

Caramel pudding- the amateur version

Apparently preparing something from kitchen is a fulfilling way to spend my leisure time before going to bed, well, besides watching telly whole night, definitely. =)

It has been months that I planned to cook things from my new kitchen. And for a start, I decided to make caramel pudding. Easy-peasy version one, trust me.!

The ingredients are easy to get from the market which are 6 eggs, evaporated milk, a cup of sugar, and table spoon of  vanilla flavour.

Spread some sugar into the container and heat the container until the sugar is melted and turn brown. That will be the base of this pudding.

While in the other container, mix all the remaining sugar, vanilla flavour, eggs and the evaporated milk.

Stir until the sugar is melted and blended in the mixture.

And now that the mixture is ready, pour it inside the first cointainer with the caramel. The more sugar you melt, the better, but please make sure that the caramel spreads evenly for a better by-product.:p

Heat  the mixture on the stove until it is hardened. Oh yes, please use double boiler in this process, or if you dont have one, just put the container of this mixture into another cointainer with water. Wait until 20-25 minutes, when it is thickened and hardened, remove it from the heat and let it cool.

And it is ready to be served!And yes, you might want to pour the golden caramel on top of it for more flavour. Just heat some more ounce of  sugar in the container.

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