Wednesday, August 17

16-Day Eurotrip 2016 Italy : Rome,Florence,Venice

1st- 5th May 2016

So, we are done with Turkey and Spain . We have come to the final episode of our Eurotrip 2016.
So let's talk about Italy!

Italy has many attractions to visit, and most of attractions are statues of their ancient Gods.

The crowd of tourists and local visitors are very massive, but we took the opportunity to feel the warm vibe here.

The attractions with another is just walks away so we did loadsssss of walking throughout our days in Italy.

And having a taste of local gelate is definitely a must!!!

The cafe is everywhere and looks so cosy to spend some pennies just for a cuppa coffee.  And the waiter was charming when serving us and we were melting instantly. Oh Italian- boy~ 

Oh, the cathederal is also worth to be visited too. Well, most of the building is hundreds years old that historian (unlike me) will definitely appreciate it.

On the following day, we paid visit to the Vatican city. It was a loooooong queue to enter the building so we decided to skip the hassle and just snapping pics outside of it and observing the people.

It was another long walk for us to discover Hard Rock Cafe Rome. And it was worth it, definitely!

And last but not least, we visited Rome before we wrapped up our day.

Venice is one of the most interesting city that visited.

It was one of the most priciest lodging that we have to pay per night.  The city is lay back and offers completely different vibe and atmosphere as compared to other cities we have visited earlier. And I loooove it!

The sunset in Venice is stunning, that we spent the evening in awe enjoying the scenery. Ahh,.. I love to make this happens again...insyaAllah

Monday, August 8

16- day Eurotrip Spain :Cordoba, Seville & Barcelona

27th- 30th April 2016

And the next stop was to Cordoba! It was a brief stop on our way to Barcelona. The main  attraction here is the The Great Mosque-Cathederal of Cordoba (La Mezquita) . We arrived in the mid-day that was close to siesta time and we were just lucky as the halal shop received us as final customer before the closed. Fuh, alhamdulillah~.

We went touring and savouring the ancient muslim art around the building structure. It was truly breathtaking moment to take in.

And certainly to snap some pictures, as always.

It was just a brief walk around the one of the Andalusia territory , and we grabbed some memento before we hopped on the bus to resume the journey straight to Seville.

We also took two days to stay in  Seville. It is quite lay back city and we took time to enjoy the peaceful city. One of the attractions we went was Real Alcazar. It was long queue to enter the building and we decided to maneuver just outside the building. It was not that bad, tho.

And we also went to Plaza de Espana. Ok this place is real huge and it is sooo beautiful plaza especially in the bright sunny day.

The following day was to explore Barcelona city.  Ok, What is it about Barca? It is where Barca FC Stadium resides! Well, obviously~

And after having some shopping in the merchandise shop, we went strolling around the city.

Park Guell is also a must-visit attraction in Barcelona.

It is located wayyyy at outskirt of the city. And for those who appreciates the mother nature, this place will give you the satisfaction.

Apart from that, we went to Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe, one of the most happening Europe HRCs that we ever visited. And I cant help myself from being influenced to join others buying the merchandise too. Haha!

Oh yes, this final pic is at Sagrada Familia, the most iconic building structure of Barcelona. The interesting part of this attraction is that the construction of the building has taken over decades but as you see, it is still under construction. Hihi.

Thursday, July 28

16-day Eurotrip 2016 Spain : Madrid & Granada

24th- 26th April 2016

It was a beautiful day in Madrid, Espania. We arrived in the afternoon, the silent hours in Spain which is called siesta,  whereby the local will use the hour to take a nap.

We dropped our stuff at the apartment and resumed the tour to the Plaza Mayor.  We were just lucky as we reached the plaza at happy hour when a pan of pizza just cost 1euro. Whee~

Yes, that was the most decent lunch that we could find here. Finding a proper bench to eat was another story. So we decided to have the lunch bites in the middle of the plaza. Definitely it was exciting and lively.

We proceeded walking to the Royal Palace of Spain.

The palace is huge (well, obviously~) so we spent quite some time for evening stroll around the palace - gate. Haha

Second day in Madrid, we kicked off our day early to go to Real Madrid FC Stadium. Well, every bytes of wireless data was just priceless. This was where we waited outside apartment before the rest were ready.

Well I am not really a fan of any football club, but chances to visit the homeland of well-known club like this dont come every day, yes?

From Madrid , we went travelled to Granada, an ancient city where the great historical structure of Alhamdra is situated.

The city is one of the lay back city that we stayed. I like the surrounding of the city, and having a long walk in chilled day was rather enjoyable.

We have one full day to explore the beautiful city, and this time we chose to follow city tour by foot. The attractions were closed with one another, thus the guided tour came in handy.

The tour was split by two languages, one in English and one in Spanish. There were time when we lost from our group(well, snapped pictures and posed like nobody's business, what do you expect~), so we hung out with the Spanish group. Definitely none of her explanation was understandable, but seeing her audiences listened with intensity, I felt impressed as the tour guide herself delivered the information with passion in her eyes. I fell in love with Spanish people instantly. Ah~

Ah well, let's have some more pictures taken.

Among of the attractions, we were brought to the spot where we can observe the Alhambra gate. Yes
,that was what beggars like us would have for our piece of Alhambra memories. Or else , we gotta spend handsome amount of euro to get the access to the ancient building.

We walk along Morroco-styled street market and bumped into this restaurant when we started starving. We had our local lunch just in time of siesta when the shops started to close. We finished with the lunch, strolled to hotel while doing some shopping. Overall the experience were awesome!

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