Monday, June 3

Jeju Island, South Korea

So two days in Seoul has lapsed,  our next destination was the ultimate plan of the trip, that was Jeju Island. It was a bit hotter than the weather in Seoul, nevertheless, the  it was still worth for us to wear gloves and and jacket when we were on the go. Yes, it was sunny day, but the thick outfits, they were not for show.

It was convenient to set our tour to cover most essential parts of the island. Our guesthouse where we stayed has provided an extended service to cater the requirement from tourists like us. They have tour service complete with English tour guide too! The tours are divided into two, that are west course and east course. Each course is held everyday alternately and followed with Sunday as its off day. We were lucky to be able to join both courses throughout our stay.

First we were brought to Trick Art Museum, three dimensional famous painting experience in all the tricks of art. I must say, it is a must-go location when you are in Jeju.

The awesomeness of the trick is apparent when you capture the photo of yourselves in a correct angle.

Giant and the dwarf...


Pestering on the ladder...

and many exciting pose that couldn't be missed out from the visit!

Afterwards, we were brought to Seongeup Traditional village where we were drawn to the way of life of the original natives in Jeju Island.

Pig is their main dishes, and in fact black pig is the famous dishes that they serve to the tourist until nowadays. One interesting yet disgusting fact,back then, they used to have the pigs eating the poo of the villagers. What a harmony ecosystem, no?  (Euw? yeaaa..)

Next stop was to Sunrise Peak, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The scenery was breathtaking, I don't want to say much. When we were up there, the scenery and peaceful atmosphere were just enough to take all stress away from our mind.

We were intrigued, and we posed and posed...

The tour continues to cave exploration along Manjang Cave, the longest Lava tube in Asia. Ahaaa.. But definitely the  lava has frozen in the cold cave.

On the following tour, we were brought to the west side of Jeju Island.

This pictures were taken when we were brought to Suwaolbong Trekking, which is also another UNESCO World Geoparks.

Oppss.. this is not part of the tour. This is theJeju city center where our lodging is located.

This is the place where we had had our lunch for the day. It was very beautiful place that we can enjoy the scenery after having our lunch. There were a lot of pictures taken here by other mates, but I refused to join, I was sloppy to join them in the picture. What makes me put this picture in this entry is due to the story behind it.

While the rest of other mates busy with photography, I was thinking that it was the best time to perform the prayer while the bus wasn't moving. (Mind you, having to perform prayer while on the go in the country and to make it harder, island like this never been easy.)  So I hopped on the bus, seeing our tour guide, a lady in 50s was chattering with her co-guide. I asked her the direction of the sunset. She showed me the direction and when she added, "you" while pointing to the rest of my friends outside the bus " most beautiful" . I can't help but burst out of laughing and courteously thanked her.

OK the remark was not strange to be uttered to a young lady, but when it was from a Korean, whoa~!  
 Being me, I'm not interested in dwelling with compliments for long, plus with the skepticism, I keep it to myself .But somehow, occasion like this is worth to make it memorable, no?.. Hihi

Back to our West Course tour, we were brought to Spirited Garden, that is the world largest bonsai park, Halim Park( yes sounds like nama pakcik jiran sebelah rumah) .

And to wrap up the tour, our last visit was to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, one of the famous waterfall in Jeju. It seems like a drawing portrait when we captured ourselves in the picture.

That`s all for the Seoul and Jeju moments 2013..

Bye !~

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