Tuesday, August 30

The wish list

Earning own money, and being a woman, there are always things that I want to possess or achieve. While some of the wishes just remain as a dreams after a while, as people say, wishful thinkings, things turned out into reality when I little expected of it, while for some of them, I worked my arse off to get, of course.

And most important of all, from the silly wishes written on a piece of paper, it could turn out as an inspiration for myself to save up money in order to materialize the dream. Pah, the power of dream! I guess that is why Honda motto the power of dream really works to attract more users, no?

When I was bored at office, during the lazy days, I like to jot down my wishes in a book.

Back in those days when the wishes were written , surely I had no idea whether I could materialize it or not in several months down the road. Later on, regardless it has come true, or yet to be realized, when I looked back the list, things could turn out like
"what was I thinking?"


It was fun, tho. Trust me, some of these wishes are mindless dream, that I had no vivid idea on how to get them initally. Well, when there is a will or wishes (I might add :p), there is a way. 

For all things I have possessed, I just coudn`t be more grateful, definitely. Alhamdulillah..

Well, any of us in the world, the list of wishes is surely going on and on while we live. And for now, I would like to wish 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf salah silap to you, yes you!

Let`s celebrate the festive days with open heart and have a blast with our beloved family~

Friday, August 26

Scrumptious meals for iftar straight from chef`s kitchen

It has been almost two weeks of breaking fast with home-made meals. And also, after two weeks of fasting, I was scheduled to attend meeting in KL- again for this fasting month. I decided to stay at Traders hotel, which I have written about it in this entry before.

After more than 3 years of employment, this is the first time I visited this hotel in fasting month. Good thing about Traders is that it never failed to attract the guests with better offers than ones in other hotels. If the other hotels provide the sahur as replacement for breakfast, the Traders management has gone extra miles further by delivering the meals straight to our room, anytime after breaking fast time!

In normal days of fasting, I would skip sahur, or at least having only some dates with a few gulps of mineral water in the dark room with eyes closed. Lazy arse!

Staying there for three nights, I had  2 days of iftar with room services. The meals were incredibly awesome, and worth RM60+, and best of all I had it free! Yippi~

On the third day, I had the iftar with my BFF since uni days, Aina at Madam Kwan, KLCC. And  we had char kuew tiaw for ourselves with breathless chattering over the meals. Best thing about dining in Madam Kwan is that it offers a large quantity of food with very reasonably cheap price. And certainly yumsy!

Wednesday, August 17

Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I didn`t expect that I would be required to travel on any business trip during fasting month, only to find out that I was  wrong.*tetttt!*

Well, fasting or not, business is operating as usual.*yawning*. 

So this time around I chose to stay at Intercontinental Hotel which is located next to Menara Citibank, near Ampang Park LRT station. The Interrcontinental Hotel is a new hotel by name, but an old one by its physical building. Formerly it was known as Niko Hotel where I got the chance to stay there once when there were Japanese guests that I saw most.

 the lobby

                                                                          inside the lift

                                                                               walkway to the room

                                                  complimentary fresh fruits were also given!


The internet was provided free! And as a gesture of understanding that some of the fasting guests might not be able to having the breakfast in the morning, the hotel management  has provided the complimentary breakfast during the sahur time, 3-6am. Overall, it was a nice stay in the hotel, it just that I was too sleepy to go down to the restaurant in the middle of my deep sleep hours to taste what they have to offer for the breakfast. Next time perhaps!

Going to KL without doing any shopping felt so incomplete. And when I spotted this Guess pump shoes, especially when I brought along the vouchers that I won from inter-department sports a few months back, I just couldn`t resist to grab this!

Saturday, August 13

Cooking Fiesta in Ramadhan

Ramadhan has pased us by almost 13 days. During these days, it is common to us, female staff, to circulate the recipes among us. It was such a drooling sight upon looking the meal when our stomach was growling.*licking lips*

One good thing I like when Ramadhan comes is that the idea that I could test my dusty, rusty cooking skill in the kitchen. The reason being, I hate spending my remaining energy packed up in bazaar Ramadhan after work, for I would feel dissapointed when tasting the foods during breaking fast. Seriously!

For the last couple years, I resolved to cook the dishes everyday after work, and  oh yess, exception when it was weekend, because I would simply turned into a lazy bum when I was at home. Hihih.

Most of the meals are  chicken, sayur campur and scrambled eggs. Nothing much I could do with the mix vege and scrambled eggs, but for the chicken , I tried a few ways of cooking them. The meals were cooked on try and error basis. It has been almost one year since last Ramadhan that I didn`t touch any kitchenware, so to speak.

I guess for amateur cook like me, it is surely an acceptable attempts regardless its taste, no? So presenting to you the meals that were succesfully produced from  my kitchen for the past two weeks!

chicken black pepper

                                                             mixed vege cooked with corn flour

                                                                   chicken cooked with ketchup

                                         mix vege cooked with corn flour -1st attempt: failed!!

                                                  chicken black pepper with excessive corn flour:p

                                                                            mixed vege

                                                             mixed vege fried with oyster sauce

                                                          my all time fave : ayam masak merah

                                                            an attempt to make ayam paprik here

                                                     another round of mixed vege

Heavily black-pepper flavoured mixed vege

Cooking in Ramadhan is a time-killing activity that I loved most rather than siting around and waiting every minute to pass. Haha!

Saturday, August 6

Alexandra Potter- Calling Romeo

I figured that Alexandra Potter has always come up with book with fancy title like this one, Calling Romeo, not to mention its cute book cover, which is the reason why I started to hook with this author`s books. 

This book has a story about Juliet and Will who have been in relationship for quite a long years. Living under one roof over the years has caused them taking for granted about one another`s presence.

Being stood up at Valentine`s day in a fine restaurant, Juliet just couldn`t stand it anymore. And she was looking for the pleasure outside their relationship when she knew handsome bloke with poshy car who walked into her life, Syke. 

Taking things too deeply about Will`s behaviour despite his faithful relationship, she has decided things that have deferred several good years of her life in a marriage.

Light story to engross  especially in my stressful days, as other Potter`s books, and yet there are morals behind the stories to be learnt.

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