Saturday, August 13

Cooking Fiesta in Ramadhan

Ramadhan has pased us by almost 13 days. During these days, it is common to us, female staff, to circulate the recipes among us. It was such a drooling sight upon looking the meal when our stomach was growling.*licking lips*

One good thing I like when Ramadhan comes is that the idea that I could test my dusty, rusty cooking skill in the kitchen. The reason being, I hate spending my remaining energy packed up in bazaar Ramadhan after work, for I would feel dissapointed when tasting the foods during breaking fast. Seriously!

For the last couple years, I resolved to cook the dishes everyday after work, and  oh yess, exception when it was weekend, because I would simply turned into a lazy bum when I was at home. Hihih.

Most of the meals are  chicken, sayur campur and scrambled eggs. Nothing much I could do with the mix vege and scrambled eggs, but for the chicken , I tried a few ways of cooking them. The meals were cooked on try and error basis. It has been almost one year since last Ramadhan that I didn`t touch any kitchenware, so to speak.

I guess for amateur cook like me, it is surely an acceptable attempts regardless its taste, no? So presenting to you the meals that were succesfully produced from  my kitchen for the past two weeks!

chicken black pepper

                                                             mixed vege cooked with corn flour

                                                                   chicken cooked with ketchup

                                         mix vege cooked with corn flour -1st attempt: failed!!

                                                  chicken black pepper with excessive corn flour:p

                                                                            mixed vege

                                                             mixed vege fried with oyster sauce

                                                          my all time fave : ayam masak merah

                                                            an attempt to make ayam paprik here

                                                     another round of mixed vege

Heavily black-pepper flavoured mixed vege

Cooking in Ramadhan is a time-killing activity that I loved most rather than siting around and waiting every minute to pass. Haha!

4 responses:

Yan said...

yang penting hasil tangan sendiri.

Aidatherockstar ! said...

Semuanya nampak sedap. Hehe

Ju Zie said...

Mixed vege bergentel tepong i dpt rasa, hihi!!

Juli said...

Kak Yan : Yes! thts the spirit!hihi

Aida: TQ tapi ade disclaimer: look can be deceiving.=)

Ju Zie: masa nk bagi ko rsa tu la die failed!haha

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