Wednesday, August 17

Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I didn`t expect that I would be required to travel on any business trip during fasting month, only to find out that I was  wrong.*tetttt!*

Well, fasting or not, business is operating as usual.*yawning*. 

So this time around I chose to stay at Intercontinental Hotel which is located next to Menara Citibank, near Ampang Park LRT station. The Interrcontinental Hotel is a new hotel by name, but an old one by its physical building. Formerly it was known as Niko Hotel where I got the chance to stay there once when there were Japanese guests that I saw most.

 the lobby

                                                                          inside the lift

                                                                               walkway to the room

                                                  complimentary fresh fruits were also given!


The internet was provided free! And as a gesture of understanding that some of the fasting guests might not be able to having the breakfast in the morning, the hotel management  has provided the complimentary breakfast during the sahur time, 3-6am. Overall, it was a nice stay in the hotel, it just that I was too sleepy to go down to the restaurant in the middle of my deep sleep hours to taste what they have to offer for the breakfast. Next time perhaps!

Going to KL without doing any shopping felt so incomplete. And when I spotted this Guess pump shoes, especially when I brought along the vouchers that I won from inter-department sports a few months back, I just couldn`t resist to grab this!

2 responses:

Yan said...

Wahh.. sempat sambar kasut ye..Kasut raya..

Ju Zie said...

Guess plk tuuu~ piwittt!

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