Friday, August 26

Scrumptious meals for iftar straight from chef`s kitchen

It has been almost two weeks of breaking fast with home-made meals. And also, after two weeks of fasting, I was scheduled to attend meeting in KL- again for this fasting month. I decided to stay at Traders hotel, which I have written about it in this entry before.

After more than 3 years of employment, this is the first time I visited this hotel in fasting month. Good thing about Traders is that it never failed to attract the guests with better offers than ones in other hotels. If the other hotels provide the sahur as replacement for breakfast, the Traders management has gone extra miles further by delivering the meals straight to our room, anytime after breaking fast time!

In normal days of fasting, I would skip sahur, or at least having only some dates with a few gulps of mineral water in the dark room with eyes closed. Lazy arse!

Staying there for three nights, I had  2 days of iftar with room services. The meals were incredibly awesome, and worth RM60+, and best of all I had it free! Yippi~

On the third day, I had the iftar with my BFF since uni days, Aina at Madam Kwan, KLCC. And  we had char kuew tiaw for ourselves with breathless chattering over the meals. Best thing about dining in Madam Kwan is that it offers a large quantity of food with very reasonably cheap price. And certainly yumsy!

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Ju Zie said...

Mkn smbl tgk klcc.. Cun!!

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