Tuesday, August 30

The wish list

Earning own money, and being a woman, there are always things that I want to possess or achieve. While some of the wishes just remain as a dreams after a while, as people say, wishful thinkings, things turned out into reality when I little expected of it, while for some of them, I worked my arse off to get, of course.

And most important of all, from the silly wishes written on a piece of paper, it could turn out as an inspiration for myself to save up money in order to materialize the dream. Pah, the power of dream! I guess that is why Honda motto the power of dream really works to attract more users, no?

When I was bored at office, during the lazy days, I like to jot down my wishes in a book.

Back in those days when the wishes were written , surely I had no idea whether I could materialize it or not in several months down the road. Later on, regardless it has come true, or yet to be realized, when I looked back the list, things could turn out like
"what was I thinking?"


It was fun, tho. Trust me, some of these wishes are mindless dream, that I had no vivid idea on how to get them initally. Well, when there is a will or wishes (I might add :p), there is a way. 

For all things I have possessed, I just coudn`t be more grateful, definitely. Alhamdulillah..

Well, any of us in the world, the list of wishes is surely going on and on while we live. And for now, I would like to wish 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf salah silap to you, yes you!

Let`s celebrate the festive days with open heart and have a blast with our beloved family~

1 responses:

Achiq said...

wah cool lah buat wish list mcm ni..nk try gak lah....
so, i wish, i wish...

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