Thursday, March 31

My first Tie Rack collections

I went home, and was welcomed by a parcel from UK. Yippii!! It was Tie Rack scarves that I ordered from a local woman who lives there, Lynn.
I was not a scarf lover before, for my preferences were normally plain tudung bawal and  long shawls. On the other hand, I am a big fan of bright and vibrant colors because I have a way of thinking that the vibrant colors play an important role for me to be looked fresh even though I was so worn out and tired throughout the day. Hahah. Perhaps it is just a myth that I still choose to believe, no?

It started when I was looking for new shawls in local blogspots. When I found some pieces that caught my attention, I found myself constantly texting the seller about the delivery. It was dragged over two weeks for me to seal the deal, but nothing was successfully purchased. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of people is doing business if she kept on reasoning to delay my purchase. Thankfully, I did not make any payment, phew!

The hunting was not stopped there, as I went to night market to see if there would be any interesting pieces of colourful shawls. The choices were limited there, but I bought it anyway, half heartedly.
I heard about Tie Rack before, but I didn’t really bother about it until now that I was in hunting for shawls. Googling the Tie Rack, I discovered this LondonDeals which offers variation of printed scarves, I was over the moon!
Now that  I finally found it, I felt like buying a bundle of them. But hey, I have to be rational, thus settled with these two pieces - for now. =p

And surely I couldn’t wait any longer to try it on myself and yes, I`m hooked to Tie Rack scarves!

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Monday, March 28

Kids, meet your mommies` friends..

The latest news I got about my friends was that Ainul has safely delivered a baby girl. It happened that I was in KL during recent weekend, thus Ziela, Zaira and I agreed to meet up at Ainul`s.

Normally, our reunion rarely involved the presence of kids. Well, most of the times the reunion takes places at KLCC bah. For this time around, it was more exciting when seeing Zaira was so intrigued to hold each of the kids and even woke the baby up from her sleep! Hahaha..

mommies talk

Auntie Jera fighted against the awkwardness.haha
There were so many things to catch up, for we haven’t met one another for months. And this is the first time I met Ziela`s sweet heart, Haziq Zikri.. He is such a cute and active boy that I could hardly capture his pictures without blurry images appeared on the screeen afterwards. Hahah

Haziq, smile~

This boy was so active tht I was afraid I might loose my grip..haha

And now, with the arrival of Aleena Qausar, Ainul has her company while Pokdin is away for outstation. Awesome!

Snowy Aleena sleep sound in mummy`s cuddle

p/s : Harith, Jasmine, jom ajak mama lepaks!=p

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Friday, March 25

Marian Keyes- Last Chance Saloon

Author : Marian Keyes
Title : Last Chance Saloon 

The last chance saloon is defined as a situation considered being the last opportunity for success. The story inside this book was about Tara, Catherine and Fintan who have been best friends since they were at school in Ireland. Trying their luck in big city, they have migrated to London together to start a new life with different career path.

Tara, scares of being single at late 20s, thus choose to stay in relationship with her dorky boyfriend even if he constantly hurts her feeling ruthlessly.

On the other hand, Catherine is single and neat-freak, always being secretive about her romance history.

Fintan, comes from a happy family and having a relationship with his homosexual boyfriend, Sandro.

They were struck by the news of Fintan who was diagnosed of suffering from cancer. The news has altered the life of these best friends upside down. And to make it worse, Fintan has made requests to both of his friends, Tara and Catherine which might sound ridiculous, but the reasons were rational eventually.

Moral :
1) When you love someone, treat their loved ones well
2) We live our life just once, just enjoy the second of it with loves around you
3) It is heart-breaking to see that people we care is dying. No matter how painful it is, they need us around him to give support

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Tuesday, March 22

Another milestone achieved

I still remember one of those days when I was still studying, I had a conversation with my father about our house. Seeing my home through my eyes, there were always areas that need refurbishment to give it fresher look. You know, women, fancy look is always the uttermost priority. It is never limited to the personal appearance only, but also to a house! =p

Responding to my question about it, my father said he will finance the renovation cost for our house, but at the front area of the house, he will leave it to us, his children to take up the financial responsibilities- if we want to renovate it. That was a challenge, I realized. But hey, I was just a penniless student back then- no money,no talk.

Now that I am employed, not wasting longer time, I started to strategize the plan for the revamp project. I see it as the best time for me to realize it before my commitment is getting heavier. Plus, I didn't have a dedicated porch for my car previously. To make it worse, I always get frantic when seeing my car was scratched by kids from hell while I returned home from outstation. Urrgghh! That was another reason for me to expedite the front area of my house to be revamped. My car needs a shelter!

Alhamdulillah, after a series of pushing drama, the front area renovation of my home was completed even though it was dragged until months. (I bet the young contractor pissed off with my pushy behavior..haha)

Now my car has its own space, be it sunny or flood days. It is safe there.

Oh anyway, this was how the front area looked like, previous years .=)

Those days -baby brother, Zhaffri
What's next? Hmm hmm..

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Friday, March 18

Rennaisance Hotel, KL

The first time I went to Renaissance was when I attended IAW Workshop previously and indulged the super scrumptious lunch in the restaurant. So I decided to try an overnight stay in the hotel whenever I went again to KL afterwards. 

Recently, I managed to get a room reserved for one night. Unfortunately, the free internet access was not provided. Anyway, having to stay only one night outstation without internet access was not really a big deal.
The hotel as other hotels that I have stayed, was not much different in term of services. Yes, you can expect warm smile was always on their face whenever you see the hotel staff around. And they will respond promptly to entertain your requests when you called their service center. The best thing I like most when staying in hotel.=)

The interior setting of the hotel is so elegant that the beautiful lights and chandelier is used widely around the hotel lobby.

to the lift, to the lift

Speaking of the room, it was so dim that I can't wait any second longer to doze off after tiring journey to the hotel. And not to mention that it was harder to wake up next morning. =p

Breakfast was also provided together with the package. There were so many food selections available,be it local, western, Chinese and even Indian. And my preference is always American breakfast. Hihi.

Temptations Restaurant

All in all, the hotel service was good, breakfast was satisfactory but to stay there for more nights without free internet access, I might want to think twice. Hahahah.

For more fab pictures, just click here

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Tuesday, March 15

Elizabeth Gilbert-Committed

Elizabeth Gilbert, is best known when her book Eat Pray Love was sold more than ten million copies worldwide and published in over thirty languages. In Eat Pray Love, she shared her life experiences while facing a terrible divorce and her attempts to get over the painful experiences via travelling to Italy, India and Indonesia, where she fell in love again with her new Brazilian boyfriend, Felipe. That was the end of Eat Pray Love.

Committed resumed the story when they resettled together in America, swore internal fidelity. But being a survivor of a divorce, each of them swore to stay together, but not convinced enough to get married again.
Nevertheless, they didn't live serenely that long when US government intervened into their relationship that they were forced to choose: either marry, or Felipe had to leave US, for good.

Obviously they didn't have much choice other than get married. Felipe was forced to leave US while waiting for the residency was granted to him. And both of them wandered across Southeast Asia aimlessly while waiting for the ongoing immigration process.

While they were in Vietnam, Gilbert explored the subject of matrimony so that she (believe that) would be more ready to face her second marriage. It is interesting when she had a dialogue with Hmong old folks who sustain their marriage until they were very old.

Reading this book makes me feel like reading a blog, with a lot of messages to learn about the concept of marriage in modern world. Some are applicable to our daily life while some are depending to our own value and mindset to consider.

And this is a hard fact that I think is interesting for us to ponder
If you think it's difficult to talk about money when you're blissfully in love, try about it later, when you are sad and angry and your love has died.


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Saturday, March 12

Sports girl of the famili!

It is the early days of 2011, when sports competitions are organized everywhere, be it at schools, and even at workplaces. Yes, this extra curricular activities are still relevant in my company even though our school days have long passed. Only the difference of sport practices amongst working people is that our training and competition schedules mostly after 5 and at night. 
Anyway, when it comes to sports, my little sister, Nadia is the subject of the topic. She has been representing her school for 100m and 200m since last year. And she won them to be qualified to sprint at state level. Ok, fine, she was just standard five back then. 

This year, she participated again and she told me that her teacher cum coach was expecting medals (mind the plural) from her again. I was like
'whatever la Nadia, run while u can'.
And to my surprise, when I went to pick her up at school, the day she went to the competition, she came to me with bright face with not one, not two, but fouurrrr medals and trophies!She was very excited with the victories, chattering about her proud headmastress who has big smile pasted on her face all day. So was she actually. =) 

When I browsed her FB, many of her friends and teachers congratulated her for the success, and she didn't reply them as appropriate, in return she brabbled nonsense. But the number of congratulations received were high enough to trigger her curiousity

Nadia : Kak Jue, congratulations tu ape?
Me : Tahniah, cakap TQ balik
Nadia : Oooo 

Soon enough she relayed a suggestion from her teacher following to the success 

Nadia : Kak Jue, cikgu suruh kakya masuk Sekolah Sukan Bukit Nenas (pardon her for the wrong bukit,hahaha
 Me : Sekolah Bukit Jalil laa.No way! 

I have my own reservation to the suggestion, and I will  not agree to encourage my sister to pursue it, anyway.

So, she will be spending her school break at Stadium Gong Badak next week. I told her that will be last, and she ought to bring something from the then-collapse stadium. =p 


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Wednesday, March 9

Easy steps to make bread pudding

I was getting so lazy being at kitchen nowadays, never mind cook anything. The most active periods being at kitchen were only during fasting month, when I didn't have many options of delicious foods to be bought from bazaar Ramadhan.

Anyway, I felt like doing some cooking during recent weekend, thus I decided to bake bread pudding. Mind you, this was the first attempt for me. So, it is a high requirement for me to bake the pudding with the presence of Mother to avoid any catastrophic result to the output from the oven. Hihih

Actually, baking the bread pudding was not that hard, at least from the ingredients that I used to bake it.

1) Bread, obviously!
2) 1cup of sugar
 3) 1 can of evaporated milk
4) 5 eggs

Yes, the recipe is made in a big scale, for we had a lot of bread supply that weekend. Here we go!


Pour some water into container with bread, just enough to make it wet before it is shredded into smaller bits.

Mix and stir the evaporated milk with the sugar until both items are saturated.

And yes, the eggs are also need to be stirred.

All stirring works are done, now it's time to mix them all in a container and put it in oven for baking.

And next, wait...


And after 40 minutes of waiting, this is how the pudding turns out

It is also best served with vanilla sauce to add more flavour, but I prefer to save it in the next attempt. And now, it's eating time! Yum!

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Sunday, March 6

Anuar Zain-Sedetik Lebih

I listened to the soundtrack of  upcoming epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. It is an exquisite artwork by KRU siblings, Edry and delivered by  gentleman, Anuar Zain.

It never occured to me that Edry is very talented in creating such a beautiful and moving lyrics like this, you know, when he created hits song for Stacy,there was nothing to be surprised. 

This is such a perfect song that I had goosebumps when I listened to it the first time. Check it out!


Lirik  Sedetik Lebih

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa
Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya
Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

Auwww!! I can be this  mushy sometimes =)

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Friday, March 4

Psstt! Bank Islam transactions only via handphone!

When I started working, I used to dream that my banking transactions were not limited only at ATM machines. It was freaking insulting to do multi-transaction while people behind you were peeping over your shoulder to see whether it was you or the machine which has the problem.

Well my little wish was granted when I was introduced with Bank Islam internet banking, apart from other internet banking accounts that I already have. Every month, I have to make a number of routine transactions. That is what most of employed civilians do, paying for our obligations at the end of every month. But my life is not that easy all time when internet down.

Until later, when I went to Bank Islam to report some errors at my ATM card, I spotted the leaflet on their new service of TAP. A few minutes later, I was done with the registration and I was given a piece of little film strip to be pasted on my simcard. Now, I don't have to bother to get online to make banking transaction with the introduction of this service.

While I have to admit that our transaction histories and details are more comprehensive when using internet banking, but at least I can do money transfer transactions in the middle of meeting when my little sister asked me for some money injection, or when my little brothers text me to top up his handphone credits.

When I lost track of my weekly expenditure, or even when I went frantic in a mega sale, I can check my account balance using this TAP service before I considered to proceed with a little damage to my pocket and my credit card. Oh no!

On top of everything, this TAP service is dedicated for Bank Islam users only=)

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Tuesday, March 1

She is just a harmless little girl

It was one calm evening, Ika came back to our home with blank, miserable face. I asked her of what was wrong because a few minutes before, she was joyful, jumping in front of us while I was chattering with other siblings. She told us that she was called by our neighbour a few minutes earlier. She was probed in a manner of being accused for messaging in FB with her brother-in-law. I was like 'Errkkk... does that matter so much to scare this girl away??'

It broke my heart when she kept on denying it as if she was caught guilty. I know the brother-in-law in question, so does my family. He is young, chatty and playful with kids. And I was aware that my sister chats with him every once in a while when she gets online because he always and the only person available! But again, she just grabbed whoever in the FB chatroom. I mean hellooo Ika is just merely 8 years old, not 18 years old.

I guess in her little mind, she must be wondering of what wrongdoing she made until she was 'warned' to stay away from that precious brother- in-law. Oh man, I feel nauseous!

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