Friday, March 4

Psstt! Bank Islam transactions only via handphone!

When I started working, I used to dream that my banking transactions were not limited only at ATM machines. It was freaking insulting to do multi-transaction while people behind you were peeping over your shoulder to see whether it was you or the machine which has the problem.

Well my little wish was granted when I was introduced with Bank Islam internet banking, apart from other internet banking accounts that I already have. Every month, I have to make a number of routine transactions. That is what most of employed civilians do, paying for our obligations at the end of every month. But my life is not that easy all time when internet down.

Until later, when I went to Bank Islam to report some errors at my ATM card, I spotted the leaflet on their new service of TAP. A few minutes later, I was done with the registration and I was given a piece of little film strip to be pasted on my simcard. Now, I don't have to bother to get online to make banking transaction with the introduction of this service.

While I have to admit that our transaction histories and details are more comprehensive when using internet banking, but at least I can do money transfer transactions in the middle of meeting when my little sister asked me for some money injection, or when my little brothers text me to top up his handphone credits.

When I lost track of my weekly expenditure, or even when I went frantic in a mega sale, I can check my account balance using this TAP service before I considered to proceed with a little damage to my pocket and my credit card. Oh no!

On top of everything, this TAP service is dedicated for Bank Islam users only=)

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4 responses:

hazari. said...

i tried to set up for internet banking last year. and so i couldn't because of the minimum age to set up the internet banking is 18. and i was like, what ? hahaha.

somehow i just can't wait to be 18.

Juli said...

oo really?this is the downside of the ruling against IT savvy like you. heheh

ahh.. it`s about- errr- less than two month to be 18 anyway kannn.. be patient a lil bit more

hazari. said...

haha, come to think of it i've been waiting since may last year. hahaha.

Ju Zie said...

shopaholic ppl can be quite harmful here....

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