Friday, March 18

Rennaisance Hotel, KL

The first time I went to Renaissance was when I attended IAW Workshop previously and indulged the super scrumptious lunch in the restaurant. So I decided to try an overnight stay in the hotel whenever I went again to KL afterwards. 

Recently, I managed to get a room reserved for one night. Unfortunately, the free internet access was not provided. Anyway, having to stay only one night outstation without internet access was not really a big deal.
The hotel as other hotels that I have stayed, was not much different in term of services. Yes, you can expect warm smile was always on their face whenever you see the hotel staff around. And they will respond promptly to entertain your requests when you called their service center. The best thing I like most when staying in hotel.=)

The interior setting of the hotel is so elegant that the beautiful lights and chandelier is used widely around the hotel lobby.

to the lift, to the lift

Speaking of the room, it was so dim that I can't wait any second longer to doze off after tiring journey to the hotel. And not to mention that it was harder to wake up next morning. =p

Breakfast was also provided together with the package. There were so many food selections available,be it local, western, Chinese and even Indian. And my preference is always American breakfast. Hihi.

Temptations Restaurant

All in all, the hotel service was good, breakfast was satisfactory but to stay there for more nights without free internet access, I might want to think twice. Hahahah.

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7 responses:

hazari. said...

in KB also has renaissance hotel. but i never stay, or just take a walk in it. heh. but it really does a very luxury hotel. [just from the look from the outside, heh].

Ju Zie said...

God... I must marry u man!

Juli said...

@ Hazari: KB pon dah renezon? yg baru ker? the last hotel i went was hotel perdana somthing2 tu..

@Ju Zie: oh, lets marry!

Yan said...

Teringin gak nak duk sini.. Tp rasanya tak larat nak bayar bil..Sesekali ok kan..

kay_are said...

cantik nye hotel renaissance ni.. x pernah masuk pun kat sini lagi..

Alinkiwi said...

superb!! talk..;p..i cant afford dis for the time being..maybe one day....=)

Juli said...

mana tau nk p honeymoon kat hotel best, rennaisance is one of them!

saya pon pegi on business trip anywy =)

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