Monday, March 28

Kids, meet your mommies` friends..

The latest news I got about my friends was that Ainul has safely delivered a baby girl. It happened that I was in KL during recent weekend, thus Ziela, Zaira and I agreed to meet up at Ainul`s.

Normally, our reunion rarely involved the presence of kids. Well, most of the times the reunion takes places at KLCC bah. For this time around, it was more exciting when seeing Zaira was so intrigued to hold each of the kids and even woke the baby up from her sleep! Hahaha..

mommies talk

Auntie Jera fighted against the awkwardness.haha
There were so many things to catch up, for we haven’t met one another for months. And this is the first time I met Ziela`s sweet heart, Haziq Zikri.. He is such a cute and active boy that I could hardly capture his pictures without blurry images appeared on the screeen afterwards. Hahah

Haziq, smile~

This boy was so active tht I was afraid I might loose my grip..haha

And now, with the arrival of Aleena Qausar, Ainul has her company while Pokdin is away for outstation. Awesome!

Snowy Aleena sleep sound in mummy`s cuddle

p/s : Harith, Jasmine, jom ajak mama lepaks!=p

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2 responses:

aiman rashidd said...

comel nya baby . thanks visit :)

Juraidah Hashim said...

oooo..aritu harith xde gak ek?aku blk shah alam bln 5 nt.kalo ade rezeki jmp lg kite yer....

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