Tuesday, March 22

Another milestone achieved

I still remember one of those days when I was still studying, I had a conversation with my father about our house. Seeing my home through my eyes, there were always areas that need refurbishment to give it fresher look. You know, women, fancy look is always the uttermost priority. It is never limited to the personal appearance only, but also to a house! =p

Responding to my question about it, my father said he will finance the renovation cost for our house, but at the front area of the house, he will leave it to us, his children to take up the financial responsibilities- if we want to renovate it. That was a challenge, I realized. But hey, I was just a penniless student back then- no money,no talk.

Now that I am employed, not wasting longer time, I started to strategize the plan for the revamp project. I see it as the best time for me to realize it before my commitment is getting heavier. Plus, I didn't have a dedicated porch for my car previously. To make it worse, I always get frantic when seeing my car was scratched by kids from hell while I returned home from outstation. Urrgghh! That was another reason for me to expedite the front area of my house to be revamped. My car needs a shelter!

Alhamdulillah, after a series of pushing drama, the front area renovation of my home was completed even though it was dragged until months. (I bet the young contractor pissed off with my pushy behavior..haha)

Now my car has its own space, be it sunny or flood days. It is safe there.

Oh anyway, this was how the front area looked like, previous years .=)

Those days -baby brother, Zhaffri
What's next? Hmm hmm..

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9 responses:

Ju Zie said...

such lucky parents! =p

Anonymous said...

wah..santek porch..cm tinggi je tu, kwsn banjir ye rumah?

Juli said...

@ju zie :hahah..yes, God bless them

@misyamissyou :a aa..kalo tak tinggi porch tu, bole la tenggelam kete.hehhe

Achiq said...

Alhamdulilah.. sejuk mata memandang porch.. anak sapa ni?

MammaSun said...

i like!

mrs redzuan said...

santek la u, killat berair lata. hahaha..
muroh rezeki berbakti ke org tua..jughuh sungguh!!

Juli said...

aminn~.kena la jurus kite2 anak2 kann, kalo mau anak2 kite jurus2 dengan kite nnt..

eh u,lantai tu mmg berair, bukan bekilau sampai nampak berair.ahaha

hazari. said...

home renovation is something fun lah. haha. how come be it sunny and flood ? if flood then you should plan of making a roof-level car parking lot. haha.

Juli said...

flood at my home not that bad laa.. the floor elevated slightly higher just to be ready when monsoon strikes =)

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