Thursday, March 31

My first Tie Rack collections

I went home, and was welcomed by a parcel from UK. Yippii!! It was Tie Rack scarves that I ordered from a local woman who lives there, Lynn.
I was not a scarf lover before, for my preferences were normally plain tudung bawal and  long shawls. On the other hand, I am a big fan of bright and vibrant colors because I have a way of thinking that the vibrant colors play an important role for me to be looked fresh even though I was so worn out and tired throughout the day. Hahah. Perhaps it is just a myth that I still choose to believe, no?

It started when I was looking for new shawls in local blogspots. When I found some pieces that caught my attention, I found myself constantly texting the seller about the delivery. It was dragged over two weeks for me to seal the deal, but nothing was successfully purchased. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of people is doing business if she kept on reasoning to delay my purchase. Thankfully, I did not make any payment, phew!

The hunting was not stopped there, as I went to night market to see if there would be any interesting pieces of colourful shawls. The choices were limited there, but I bought it anyway, half heartedly.
I heard about Tie Rack before, but I didn’t really bother about it until now that I was in hunting for shawls. Googling the Tie Rack, I discovered this LondonDeals which offers variation of printed scarves, I was over the moon!
Now that  I finally found it, I felt like buying a bundle of them. But hey, I have to be rational, thus settled with these two pieces - for now. =p

And surely I couldn’t wait any longer to try it on myself and yes, I`m hooked to Tie Rack scarves!

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4 responses:

Sora Rasyido said...

woo!! parcel from UK!!

LoNdon dEaLs said...

tq juli :) nice one...take care n do come back again ya!

Juli said...

welcome!! u`ll hear from me back soon.ahahah

Ju Zie said...

so nice!! osem!

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