Friday, March 25

Marian Keyes- Last Chance Saloon

Author : Marian Keyes
Title : Last Chance Saloon 

The last chance saloon is defined as a situation considered being the last opportunity for success. The story inside this book was about Tara, Catherine and Fintan who have been best friends since they were at school in Ireland. Trying their luck in big city, they have migrated to London together to start a new life with different career path.

Tara, scares of being single at late 20s, thus choose to stay in relationship with her dorky boyfriend even if he constantly hurts her feeling ruthlessly.

On the other hand, Catherine is single and neat-freak, always being secretive about her romance history.

Fintan, comes from a happy family and having a relationship with his homosexual boyfriend, Sandro.

They were struck by the news of Fintan who was diagnosed of suffering from cancer. The news has altered the life of these best friends upside down. And to make it worse, Fintan has made requests to both of his friends, Tara and Catherine which might sound ridiculous, but the reasons were rational eventually.

Moral :
1) When you love someone, treat their loved ones well
2) We live our life just once, just enjoy the second of it with loves around you
3) It is heart-breaking to see that people we care is dying. No matter how painful it is, they need us around him to give support

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