Tuesday, June 28

Oblong Shawl - For Sale

Oblong Shawl,anyone?
I bought a few pieces of Tie Rack scarves recently. Personally, when it comes to TieRack, I would always prefer square scarves. Well, the vibrant colored stuff  is simple irresistible to ladies, no? Ok, maybe not all, but at least to me, it is. :p So this time around, I chose an oblong one together with other scarves.
It turned out that the oblong does not meet my way of wearing my usual long shawl despite its beautiful vibrant purple. Tsk tsk.

So,here I am – reselling the oblong for anyone who is interested and skillful  in wearing this shawl- and of course with much cheaper price!

Condition : New
Original Price : RM50
Selling Price : RM35 (including postage )

Just drop an email to me, or simply buzz me here yea~

Sunday, June 26

East Coast Sports Carnival 2011- Squash

My office was extra-ordinarily quiet this week. And I felt like I was in a cave  because I can hear my voice 'echoing' when I shouted to my colleagues at the other end of the office. Why?

A friend was away for pentanque training, other one was not in the office for  ping pong training and the list goes on. This is office scenario when East Coast Sports Carnival 2011 commenced.

I was selected as one of the lady players to represent EXPRO team this year. It was even nicer when the heaviest part of WPB2012 budget exercise is just over.  (Alhamdulillah, I went through it unscathed ;p). And it's time for me to get sweat in the squash court!

                                                                    the team

The tournament took place from 13 until 15th May. I played and won the game during our clash with Gebeng Warrior, hihi. Yea, it is only a little thing, but I couldn't be more pleased as my winning point has contributed to make our way to the semi-final, that bit that counts. *wink*.

 However, we didn`t make it through and only managed to place ourselves as 2nd runner-up. Tadaaa!~

Tuesday, June 21

Alexandra Potter -You`re the One That I Don`t Want

My favourite spot to go while I was waiting for friends at Mesra Mall is Popular bookstore. It is very rare that I walked out of the store without bringing with me a book or more, for that matter. Author, Alexandra  Potter is quite unfamiliar to me when I spotted her books.

They say,don`t judge the book by its cover. Being me, fancy book covers is one of the reasons when  choosing new books. Hehehe. But of course, the synopsis at the back of the book is utterly helpful when deciding any purchase, no?

So.! What story she has to offer in the book?

 Lucy and Nate met in Venice and instantly fell in love. So crazy in love, they kissed under the Bridge of Sighs after the bell rang at sunset, which according to the legend- will bring them together forever. Nevertheless, ten years down the road, they drifted apart and led different paths of life.

The said legend brought them back together when they met again. Ironically, the romance from reunion only lasted for a while and they decided to move on with their own lives. Nevertheless, they kept on bumping into each other when it was the last thing they would want it to happen.

The plot reveals on how they manage to break the spell and move on with their own life- for good.

Friday, June 17

Quick Luncheon at Istana

Speaking of  foods, who would want to resist when it`s free? I mean not literally free, but at least not from our own pocket money, no? Hihi.

The best thing about having lunch in a hotel is that it offers huge variation of foods from appetizers, main courses until desserts. And of course, when the selections were too many, you might want to consider reducing the intake of heavy main courses so that you can enjoy the rest of the fancy food selections at maximum capacity. Hihih

                                                                  multiple lauk in a plate - I was starving!

                                                                      mussels and mr crab

choc-dip fruit, pudings and cheese cakes for desserts

Ah, light intakes for a lunch. Yea, I better save myself from sleepiness in the training class afterwards.

Friday, June 10

Sandra Brown -Tough Customer

I have to admit this!I hate being on airplane for long haul journey, though I love travelling far far away.*wink*. Reason being, I will end up staring at the back of the seat in front of me wandering elsewhere until I dozed off- in the event I sat next to strangers. Knowing that our journey to Melbourne will take long hours to arrive, I brought a brand new book by Sandra Brown-Tough Customer that I bought months before and so occupied to read. Immersed myself in the book as Detective Beckett wannabe :p, I managed to start and read almost half of the book on the airplane on our way back to Malaysia!

The storyline started at a crime scene where a stalker was trying to kill his colleague, Berry. He managed to escaped, anyhow. Neverthless, the crime did not stop there as it was followed by mysterious murders of another female colleague and a decent kid.

Well, the story was getting interestingly twisted. Along the mission to track him down, the plot unleashed the secrets in family affairs, the betrayal in working environment as well as romance bits and eventually the ultimate motive behind the crimes. Interesting!

Lesson learnt : It might sound fictional in some circumstances, but bullying behaviour might cause homicidal. Protect the loved ones around you.

Tuesday, June 7

Princess Wannabe at Istana Hotel

I attended a training which took place at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently. The hotel is situated strategically in the middle of chaotic Bukit Bintang area nearby the luxury shopping complex, Pavilion which is just a few walks away.
It felt good when I was greeted by warm hotel staff, but the last thing I would appreciate was the fact that I had to wait for long minutes to get served at the reception, especially after long hours on the road. Grrr….
The hotel is a bit run down, but the comfort level is still satisfactory at a fair price. Here we go~
the lobby
walkway to the room

I`ve been eyeing for this Primavera pump shoes since my last visit in KL. So, I went to Pavilion to find for it, only to find out that Primavera outlet is not available in the shopping complex. *sigh*. Well, that surely  didn`t stop me to hunt it at the nearest store. I walked almost 20minutes to KLCC and finally settled with size 8 with a little enlargement was made to the shoes, I wear size 9 normally. Hihi. Hmmm.. I can sleep in peace- and exhaustion!*smile wide*

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