Tuesday, June 28

Oblong Shawl - For Sale

Oblong Shawl,anyone?
I bought a few pieces of Tie Rack scarves recently. Personally, when it comes to TieRack, I would always prefer square scarves. Well, the vibrant colored stuff  is simple irresistible to ladies, no? Ok, maybe not all, but at least to me, it is. :p So this time around, I chose an oblong one together with other scarves.
It turned out that the oblong does not meet my way of wearing my usual long shawl despite its beautiful vibrant purple. Tsk tsk.

So,here I am – reselling the oblong for anyone who is interested and skillful  in wearing this shawl- and of course with much cheaper price!

Condition : New
Original Price : RM50
Selling Price : RM35 (including postage )

Just drop an email to me, or simply buzz me here yea~

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