Friday, June 17

Quick Luncheon at Istana

Speaking of  foods, who would want to resist when it`s free? I mean not literally free, but at least not from our own pocket money, no? Hihi.

The best thing about having lunch in a hotel is that it offers huge variation of foods from appetizers, main courses until desserts. And of course, when the selections were too many, you might want to consider reducing the intake of heavy main courses so that you can enjoy the rest of the fancy food selections at maximum capacity. Hihih

                                                                  multiple lauk in a plate - I was starving!

                                                                      mussels and mr crab

choc-dip fruit, pudings and cheese cakes for desserts

Ah, light intakes for a lunch. Yea, I better save myself from sleepiness in the training class afterwards.

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