Friday, June 10

Sandra Brown -Tough Customer

I have to admit this!I hate being on airplane for long haul journey, though I love travelling far far away.*wink*. Reason being, I will end up staring at the back of the seat in front of me wandering elsewhere until I dozed off- in the event I sat next to strangers. Knowing that our journey to Melbourne will take long hours to arrive, I brought a brand new book by Sandra Brown-Tough Customer that I bought months before and so occupied to read. Immersed myself in the book as Detective Beckett wannabe :p, I managed to start and read almost half of the book on the airplane on our way back to Malaysia!

The storyline started at a crime scene where a stalker was trying to kill his colleague, Berry. He managed to escaped, anyhow. Neverthless, the crime did not stop there as it was followed by mysterious murders of another female colleague and a decent kid.

Well, the story was getting interestingly twisted. Along the mission to track him down, the plot unleashed the secrets in family affairs, the betrayal in working environment as well as romance bits and eventually the ultimate motive behind the crimes. Interesting!

Lesson learnt : It might sound fictional in some circumstances, but bullying behaviour might cause homicidal. Protect the loved ones around you.

2 responses:

Achiq said...

leh pinjam? hihihi

Juli said...

uol suka la kan murder2 ni kannn...bole2 no prob

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