Tuesday, June 21

Alexandra Potter -You`re the One That I Don`t Want

My favourite spot to go while I was waiting for friends at Mesra Mall is Popular bookstore. It is very rare that I walked out of the store without bringing with me a book or more, for that matter. Author, Alexandra  Potter is quite unfamiliar to me when I spotted her books.

They say,don`t judge the book by its cover. Being me, fancy book covers is one of the reasons when  choosing new books. Hehehe. But of course, the synopsis at the back of the book is utterly helpful when deciding any purchase, no?

So.! What story she has to offer in the book?

 Lucy and Nate met in Venice and instantly fell in love. So crazy in love, they kissed under the Bridge of Sighs after the bell rang at sunset, which according to the legend- will bring them together forever. Nevertheless, ten years down the road, they drifted apart and led different paths of life.

The said legend brought them back together when they met again. Ironically, the romance from reunion only lasted for a while and they decided to move on with their own lives. Nevertheless, they kept on bumping into each other when it was the last thing they would want it to happen.

The plot reveals on how they manage to break the spell and move on with their own life- for good.

5 responses:

Ju Zie said...

Babe, u make it sound so interesting.. cop!!

Achiq said...

Syoknya baca sinopsis citer ni...brp bintang?

Juli said...

4/5 utk bacaan lite2.hihih

Ju Zie said...

beb, aku sgt ske buku ni... so happy, cute and stress free!

Juli said...

niceeee..another author is worth followed!hihi

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