Wednesday, July 25

The toothless uncle and cranky nephew

Being at family home during weekend is always the best theraphy to neutralize my prolong (or can I call it as excessive) me-time throughout the week.  Why? It is never quiet moment in my home throughout the day except for after Isya, when most of the noisy ones went to bed.Pheww~

And only during weekend like this, I get to see my other siblings, as well as extending my ears to listen to endless 'reports' from the little ones.

And to add some flavour to the chaotic weekend, my sister left his son, Muiz before going to work, at our home for us to babysit.

It was always fun when he is in good mood, that I started to feeling motherly and what not- I repeat, when he behaves well, mind you . But it didn't last longer, for everytime he gets cranky and refuse to stop, I shoved him to my Mak. Terus senyap!~ hihihi..Ahhh.. there is loooong way for me to be good mother, I guess. (hmmpphh)

And this is what I recorded during my lazy day during one of those weekends.

Friday, July 20

East Coast Sports Carnival 2012-Netball

15-16th June 2012

East Coast Sports Carnival 2012 has ended  like err- over one month ago. And only now I manage to have some time to scribble something about it here. How time flies~ Or issit me who gets lazier to blog? Hmm..

It was the first time that I was selected to be part of the team. The EXPRO netballers team was well-known as the champion for 4 consecutive years. Like it or note, it caused more pressure to our team to sustain the championship.

Alhamdulillah, despite the training period which lasted in 1 week whereby all the techniques and lessons from the credible coach were compressed in that short period of time , finally we managed to maintain our championship for the 5th year.Yippi~!

Speaking about the reward of being the winner, it was always fun to be part of the team in celebrating the victory. First thing of any rewards was to be treated with free lunch  after the final game at KGRP.

Thursday, July 5

Sisters time :Conquering Bukit Bauk

3rd June

When I come back to my family home on Thursday to stay throughout the weekend, it was always my 13-yr-old sister, Nadia who prompts me about the 'outing of the weekend' plan. It is either to bring her and other siblings out for jogging on the next morning or to bring them to Teluk Bidara beach.  And being me, a not-so-morning person, more often than not, I bring them to the beach, watching them having fun in the sea and  I will be the  their self proclaimed lifeguard. *yawn* 

And recently when I told my sister about hiking Bukit Bukit,  she jumped giddily upon learning the plan and invited her jog-mates to come along in no time! Memandai-mandai~ 

Upon arrival, Fatihah took my phone and snapped this pic. I used to think kids snap pics with crappy angle. But when I see this, I changed my mind. :)

The morning was a bit rainy, that I felt like cancelling the plan and resuming my sleep.  But I will be cruel evil if I let down the kids as the friends of Nadia were already there in front of my house at early as 7. Hmmphh..

                                                                           See Nadia . Excited!

Nadia was state sprinter when she was 12 and she still 'sprints' for her current secondary school. And another friend of hers is a long distance runner, who was also a gold- medalist. So you can imagine how the adrenaline rush that they had  when I let them jogged on their own. They left me waaaaaaaayy behind them with my other siblings. Bertuah!

Ika is the chubbiest  of my other siblings. I was worried that she couldn't finish it to the end. Thankfully, she made it. But I bet it was very pitifully tired for her to reach there.

Ok I think this view is awesome, for this early hour.

We stopped ocassionally and breathed the fresh air and enjoyed the cold wind.

And finally after almost 1 hour, finally we reached the end point, unscathed. Pheww!~

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