Friday, July 1

Marian Keyes-Rachel's Holiday

The story is about 27-year-old Rachel Walsh who lived in New York and took drug excessively to the extent of jeopardizing her life. She always thought that she took the drug for recreational but people around her absolutely didn’t see it that way.

Due to the incident, her parents resolved to send her to the rehabilitation center, Cloister. The funny bit was that she has fantasized that she would meet superstars and got to enjoy an exotic getaway in the center, which led her to agree with her parents` decision.

Her sweet dream turned out a nightmare from day one she stepped into the center, and ultimately when she learnt in a hard way about how people saw her bad behaviors- and worse-through her loved ones` point of view.
The interesting part about this book is that it doesn’t only serve the reader with a fictional story. There are many underlying messages and how our mind works when it comes to dealing with conflict in oneself. Somehow or other, it lies to us on how to maneuver the challenges in life  to be a positive outcome and stronger person.

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