Tuesday, July 19

Parc Soveign Hotel, Singapore

We started looking for flight tickets to Singapore when it was getting close to the date of departure. Hence, every arrangement was done with limited options available. The option mentioned was the lodging. Budget hotel in here? Nah! That was certainly out of question. Using their public loo was already an issue, let alone sharing our sleeping shelter with strangers around us. No.Way.

After browsing through booking.com, finally Zaira managed to secure a room for us. The hotel is adressed at Albert St, Bugis, and we were really confident to hop on the  MRT and headed to Bugis station.
It turned out that the hunting  for the hotel was not as easy as we thought. Parc Sovereign Hotel is a new hotel in town, thus not many local people were familiar with the hotel. The taxi drivers were not helpful either, for that matter. We had no choice other than asking people around until finally *phew* we were told that the hotel is  just a few walks further from Bugis St.

We arrived excitedly  at the hotel at 1pm, and to our dissapointment, the check in hour only started at 3pm. Crap!!

The room was quite small as compared to the price that we had to pay. But in a small country like Singapore,  we don`t expect a luxury space room even tho with the same rate,  we can get a room in a  4- star hotel back in Malaysia.

The room has common facilities like other hotels provide and one of them was a flat screen telly, which did not working throughout our stay.Nevermind.

There were many times I went to hotels which certainly provide houskeeping service. But this time around when we reached our room, the exhaustion from the long walk was felt like lessen upon seeing our room clean and tidy.

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