Saturday, July 23

When an iPhone4 reached the doorstep

I`ve been dreaming about having a new iPhone since a few months back, especially when I communicated with Ju.Zie. The convenience of getting connected everywhere really intrigued me, but I told myself to wait at least until iPhone 5 is out. That was the intial plan.....

In the mean time, I did some survey on the interesting packages offered in the market. The utmost requirement that I set earlier was to remain my current mobile number.Until one day, when I learnt that the iPhone can be sent via delivery, I could hardly see any reason to delay the purchase!(Thanks to you Ju.Z :p) . 

I went to Celcom Kuantan branch, and after a quick queue, brief explanation from the officer, the payment blah blah, finally the deal was sealed!  All I had to do was to wait by my door for the arrival of the phone. Ok, I mean, not literally ;p.

And here it is. The waiting lasted only over a week! Internet and social apps on the go - I like!

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