Saturday, July 16

Weekend in Singapore

It was a fine Friday in July, Zaira and I were on our way to the airport for travelling to our next destination, Singapore. We took early flight to maximize our activities on Friday. The journey took only 1hour to arrive, and we could hardly doze off even though we started the day pretty early.

Upon our arrival in Changi Airport Singapore, we rushed to MRT station inside the airport complex which connects the airport to the whole country.

The convenient part about travelling in Singapore is that we can rely on the usage of  MRT throughout our trip. We did try to get a ride in a taxi while finding the location of the hotel, but it turned out that we were left pissed off on the busy road- it`s either they ignored us when we hailed them, or even when they stopped, they have no idea where the hotel was!!Grrr...

Nevertheless, provided with efficient MRT like here and pieces of maps, we were in a good shape.

The midday in Singapore was very hot, that we were dehydrated the moment we wandered around the city to find the hotel. After settled down, we headed to the Bugis MRT station, which is situated close to the area of busy street shops at Bugis Street.

 Bugis street is one of the famous attractions in Singapore. And yes, the best place to get the souvenirs-except that it was not the right time to do the shopping as we have list of places to visit before looking for the mementos. *grin*

It was past 1 in the afternoon when we reached Vivocity shopping complex to hop on the express ride to Sentosa Island.  We took half-day pass and from there, we were required to choose four activities or parks to enter.


                                                                       prayer room is located at beach station

beach activities and get sun-tanned at Siloso beach

We started our second day as early as 7 in the morning to go to Arabic street for a snap at their prominent mosque, Masjid Sultan. 

Next, we went back to Bugis MRT station to go to the highlight of the attactions, Universal Studio Singapore. We reached the entrance of USS when it was not even opened for public yet. There were so many people crammed in front of the USS globe to pose, and of course, we were one of them!

We had had our brunch at Mel`s Drive In. The information about the halal restaurants are available in the USS pamplet, so you don’t have to be worry of getting starved when you are in USS all day.Hihi

USS comprises of several theme parks,and each of them has its own attractions, rides and merchandise shops.

                       Street dance at New York street.(Psst, one of the dancers was freaking hunky that I was   
                                                                  dying to take picture with him)

Egypt ancient city

                                                                       The Lost World

Donkey Live performance

I figured that the attractions, rides and  live shows in USS have similar patterns with ones in other theme park that we visited previously, Hongkong Disneyland. Eventually it lies to us to allow childish side of us to take charge while being in this theme park in order to enjoy the entertainment to the fullest.

Shoppingwise, yes we have a thing about shopping prior to the trip and in fact this trip was triggered due to the massive sales in Singapore. I was in a hunting for a new pair of jeans, so after several trips to fitting rooms in a few jeans stores, I finally settled with one from GAP. And to my surprise, the sale price was still pricier than the one sold in Malaysia. What a lost! *sigh*

on our way to hotel, the road was still bz at that hour

I was informed that the best time to visit the statue of Singapore, Merlion is at night. We used the remaining energy to walk to the MRT station on our last night and headed to Marina Bay station. We reached there after nine, that the light show was about to over. Thankfully, we managed to snap this duo pose before the light shows ended.

We took our flight home on Sunday morning. All plans were accomplished- at least for a short trip like this. Despite the modern and civilized country, I was a bit dissapointed with the lacking of hospitality amongst its society. Every single citizen I approached for an information looked less friendly and least warm.  *sigh*. 

Whatever it is, we had a wonderful trip with a blast.Yippi~

Home sweet home~

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Ju Zie said...

I experienced the same thing, singaporeans lack hospitality.

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