Saturday, March 12

Sports girl of the famili!

It is the early days of 2011, when sports competitions are organized everywhere, be it at schools, and even at workplaces. Yes, this extra curricular activities are still relevant in my company even though our school days have long passed. Only the difference of sport practices amongst working people is that our training and competition schedules mostly after 5 and at night. 
Anyway, when it comes to sports, my little sister, Nadia is the subject of the topic. She has been representing her school for 100m and 200m since last year. And she won them to be qualified to sprint at state level. Ok, fine, she was just standard five back then. 

This year, she participated again and she told me that her teacher cum coach was expecting medals (mind the plural) from her again. I was like
'whatever la Nadia, run while u can'.
And to my surprise, when I went to pick her up at school, the day she went to the competition, she came to me with bright face with not one, not two, but fouurrrr medals and trophies!She was very excited with the victories, chattering about her proud headmastress who has big smile pasted on her face all day. So was she actually. =) 

When I browsed her FB, many of her friends and teachers congratulated her for the success, and she didn't reply them as appropriate, in return she brabbled nonsense. But the number of congratulations received were high enough to trigger her curiousity

Nadia : Kak Jue, congratulations tu ape?
Me : Tahniah, cakap TQ balik
Nadia : Oooo 

Soon enough she relayed a suggestion from her teacher following to the success 

Nadia : Kak Jue, cikgu suruh kakya masuk Sekolah Sukan Bukit Nenas (pardon her for the wrong bukit,hahaha
 Me : Sekolah Bukit Jalil laa.No way! 

I have my own reservation to the suggestion, and I will  not agree to encourage my sister to pursue it, anyway.

So, she will be spending her school break at Stadium Gong Badak next week. I told her that will be last, and she ought to bring something from the then-collapse stadium. =p 


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10 responses:

al_hakim said...

banyaknya medal!nak satu

Achiq said...

mana lagi kuah kalau tak tumpah ke nasi...mcm kakak dia jugak..ahlil sukan...

Ju Zie said...

wahhhh.... taniah nadia! sure tinggi mcm kakak dia gak... smbl blaja smbl lari... nnt sng masuk universiti ko-ku kuat!

Juli said...

@ achiq: kuah melimpah ke meja, kakaknyer puas suruh baru besukan.hahhaha

@juzie : nadia: terima kasih kakok selango!

Jannah Miho said...

waah..terernyee nadia..banyak tol medal die dapat..huhu

storyfromme said...

wau,banyaknye medal.bangga kalau dapat adik camtu :)

Juli said...

terima kasih, bese2 jer =)

Juli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hazari. said...

hey gratz. anyway, why don't you agree with her teacher's recommendation about pursuing her study at sport school ?

Juli said...

tq ,=)academic is uttermost priority to her rather than pleasing everyone else=)

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