Friday, September 2

Cathy Kelly- Homecoming

Cathy Kelly is another author of my likings whose books evolve around lifes of women in one place but facing different life conflicts.

Megan Bouncier, a rising starlet who has the world's attention to herself. Somehow she has decided an awful choices which has cost the destruction of other people happiness.She has no option left, other than looking for a place to hide.

Connie,has been her students' sweet heart over the years. Almost hitting 40's with a status of single. Her sister,Nicky is getting married and she will be all alone living in her flat. She has almost given up on love when she registered herself as a volunteer in a local charity.There are reasons of why she remained single even though there are chances of nice availalble man next door to be flirted with. What are they?

Rae, a loyal wife and tolerate daughter in law to an eccentric mother-in-law. She runs Titania's Tea Room, a place where people in Golden Square turned to for a cup of tea or companion of Rae's warmth and friendliness. Out of the blue, she received a letter that she has been expecting for ages. The letter unwrapped the bitter memories that she has been hiding from her dearest family throughout her life in marriage.

These conflicts were observed by Eleanor, a psychoanalyst.Ironically, her presence in the Golden Square community is not as a psychoanalyst per se, but as a vulnerable person who grieved over a loss.

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