Wednesday, September 21

PRM Raya 2011

It is getting to the end of Syawal. Days like these, there were many invites to attend the open houses as well as open departments, open sections at office.

My colleagues and I discussed to organize the raya celebration at our section. Scrumptious Eid-Fitr dishes were suggested during the discussion. The date was finally set, on 8th Sept, 2011.

Being the ladies of the section, we started doing the decoration around the office one day before the celebration with the help from male colleagues. Semangat!

We started the preparation in the next morning as soon as we arrived in office. No time to waste, everyone has their own task. No escape. Hihih. I joined the list of dishes by contributing my home-made spagetti. However, no picture was taken, for I was busy running and serving to snap one. Pfftt.

sate pon ada!

nasi tomato

colorful kuih muih

                                                             super sweet and milky bandung

Our guests started to come in from 10 am. And being the 'tuan rumah' , we hardly had our time to enjoy the dishes but it was fun, tho. And the best thing was, the food has finished by lunch hour, with minimal left overs. Pheww~

                                                                            the ladies in the house~

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