Wednesday, September 28

Ideal Bestfriends' day out

 27th Sept 2011

I travel  back and forth to KL quite frequently for business trips.  The bestfriend in question, Ju Zie is from KL and currently works near my hometown. Ironically, our availability never intersects when it comes to us meeting up at KL. Yes we did hang out a lot back in Paka, certainly.

Ahhh... only recently the opportunity appeared when one of us was on MC for waiting her due date *wink** and another was attending a training. Bingo!

We met at KLCC and watched Johnny English, whereby we entered the cinema 30minutes after the show started. Hihi. Thank God we didn`t miss out much the beginning of the story. The story was light and entertaining but at times I can`t help being irritated with foolish Johnny English. Haha.

After the show, we had had our dinner at The Apartment, KLCC. I had myself a big plate of chicken and mushroom pasta (well I hope I get the name correct) while Ju Zie had fish and chips.

We had a stroll together before going off to the hotel where I stayed to continue endless story telling. Awesome!

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