Monday, October 3

Going places-the photobook

It was one of the days back in uni when Ju Zie and I were browsing a Matta Fair leaflet which was brought home by one of our friends who went there. It was during early years of our friendship and one thing I didn't know about her was that she likes to berangan about future things.

One of the places that we saw was the beautiful islands in Korea. We were awestruck by the beautiful pictures of Korea and Ju Zie started to go on and on about us going there together someday. I, with an absent-minded just played along with her daydream as if I was as intrigued as her. Hihi.

I mean, at that point,I was thinking that traveling was not even a slight interest that I would do when I earned my own money.

Two years down the road, we started our employment, out of the blue she brought up back the traveling plan. And when I told her I wasn't interested, she freaked out. And I was like,

oh man, I thought you`re not that serious



Things change everyday in our life . And so was the mindset about traveling. Little that I expected, after almost 4 years of my employment and over six years of friendship, we have charted a number of places across the globe with her then-bf, now-husband, Hizam and my another bestie, Zaira as well as other travelmates.

When it comes to planning a trip, the most exciting part was the adrenaline rush that we felt during the ticket booking at the peak promotion hours. Oh yesss.. especially when we successfully grabbed the best-or in layman's term - cheapest price for a bunch of friends,that was the ultimate satisfactory!

cover page

Our goal in every places that we went was capturing the beautiful scenery pictures as much as possible and the spontaneous actions! Capturing the moment without printing it could be risky. You know, hard disk drive probably is not as reliable to store the pictures as long as we wanted. To reduce the risk of losing the memories due to disk corruption or crash, it is better of to store them in a photo album, or even nicer, print them with cute decoration in a photobook!

This is my first photobook, about places that we went. Courtesy and sweet thought from Ju Zie`s creativity. *grin**

Well, it is not necessarily limited to places only, other special occasions such as for wedding pictures collections, birthday celebrations, newborn scrap book, you name it. And I bet, giving this to people we care as a gift is the sweetest thought someone could ever received.

Interested? Simply click here for more details!

3 responses:

Yan said...

wahh..banyak dah jalan ye..

Juli said...

heheh.. ada la sket2

Ju Zie said...

So sweet!!

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