Tuesday, October 25

Bedtime story about me and handbags

Technically, I am not a huge fan of handbags. While I use it daily to work, I didn`t make an interest about collecting handbags as many ladies do. I saw friends of mine were crazy about LV and other luxury brands, I wasn`t as intrigued about it. 

Until recently when I saw my housmate with her new denim LV handbag fresh from Paris, ok- that was the point when my eyes were wide open. I started to probe her about the handbag, where she bought, how much it costs, can I ask her parents to buy me the same handbag on their next trip -(of course on my own pocket money :p), and the interogation went on and on until she said that she was planning to go to Paris quite soon.

C`mon, it's LV and it's chic look, unlike LV typical boring leather big shoulder handbag. How can I stay incurious? Hehe

                                                                                                             source : Internet

The conversation ended there, but not my mind and the desire for new handbag. Crazy! On the next day, I started browsing the internet to see the handbag from LV website and shifted to Coach website. It was happened that one of my collegues was preparing for a business trip to US in a week time, even sooner. That was the  best chance. A handbag model was identified and the deal was made with the officemate.

Three weeks of waiting with patient, finally I got the package fresh from US with much cheaper price than one in Malaysia. What a good saving~ Oh wait, the same model was not there in Coach KLCC when I went eyeing for it.

Anndd tadaaa!~ Safely opened and ready to be brought to KL for the next trip. Hihi.

It was not even after 24 hours I got my new handbag, something came up. And out of the blue, I was given another Coach handbag from a dear friend. Truly unexpected. Rejeki~

Ok, this is too much for non-handbag lover. It seems like I gotta freeze any purchase until years to come. Hihi.

3 responses:

MammaSun said...

wah julie....lepas ni leh kumpul handbag lakss.....weh, jgn beli kat klcc, aku dah tgk harga hampir double compare to kalo beli direct kat US or paris.....sabor je laa....

oh terasa aku bile ko mention..."unlike LV typical boring leather big shoulder handbag"....isk isk isk....evergreen tau!

Juli said...

sek2 prm3 p us, apa lagi~kalo klcc, mmg i tak beli dahh.hehhe

wei2 jgn terasa, tidak menuju kepada sesiapa pon.yg pasti braun buffel baru ko slrrppp~!santeks!

juz said...

2 coach bags.. Hmm.. Mmg xdapat nk kejar pengumpulan beg hebat! Hehe

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