Thursday, October 20

Fine dining? Oh yes, pls!

I have been traveling back and forth to KL quite  frequently for the past few weeks. I don`t know about others, but for me, it was an exhausting routine for mental and physical to be on-the-go longer than usual. Therefore, I resolved to indulge something therapeutic to unwind while on business trips. And it was no other than my favourite past time activity -eating- fine dining at fine restaurants! I know, gedix!

Plus, most of the restaurants are not available at Kerteh. So it looks like it is the best time to try the delicacies in those restaurants while on business trips. Most of the meetings that I attended were held at KLCC, so these restaurants are basically located in KLCC lah, hokeii..

At Chakri Palace with KY, I had had nasi goreng bla bla with chicken satay. Hmm.. the taste was so-so. Huhu. And the price? well,I warn you might get choked if you are not prepared with the sufficient cash in your wallet or credit card upon seeing the bill. Quite pricey for the average dishes.

But if you plan to dine-in with a group of friends or family, the table setting and the food selections are suitable for the big crowd.  I guess that is the Thai dining style, after all.

                                                                             chicken satay

Madam Kwan also with KY, every time I visited here, this kway tiow is the best selection. It is served in big capacity and enough to make me feel full throughout the night. French fries to add some flavour, munching while chit-chatting.=))

                                                                Ipoh Kway Teow

At Bens with JuZie, we both went there for the first time with the intention to have light bites after watching Johnny English.

Skimming the menu, we chosed our own piece of cake and glass of hot and cold chocolate together with french fries. Super muak!

It turned out, the pieces of cake were served, OMG, this is too much! Surely I wouldn't be able to finish them alone when I was not at the top of my best appetite. We bet the waiter must have laughed behind our back seeing how innocent and confident we ordered our so-called light deserts. Newbie!  Haha

                                                                                     Ben`s chocolate cake

Certainly we didn't allow any wastage, therefore we requested the leftover cake to be packed. 
                                                      they got special paper bag for take away. Cool!

At Little Penang Cafe with Ziela and Ainul, we walked in there half an hour before lunch hour. Thankfully we managed to grab the seats. I opted for char kuew tiaw. Hmmm, not as awesome as one in Madam Kwan. Perhaps I have yet to  try its specialty, for there was super long queue  after 1 o'clock outside the premise waiting to be served.

char kuew tiaw

At Secret Recipe with Ainul and Zaira. I tried the beef lasagne. Hmm quite oily. I think it tasted better in Pizza Hut.
                                                                        beef lasagne

At Dome with Zaira, before waiting What`s your Number, we spent some time chit chatting while having its specialty italian warmer, spicy olio pasta. Hmm..just-good. =))

         spicy olio pasta

4 responses:

Yan said...

baru minggu lepas makan kat Bens..

MammaSun said...

wah....tertunggu2 gak aku makanan kat mana yg ko nak kata...sedap sedap sedap giler!! tapi semua mcm ok-ok je ek? hahaha....

Juli said...

kuetiaw madam kwan. seriously addicted.lg2 time tgh kebuluq.haha

Ju Zie said...

Byk2 makanan.. Muka aku sorg je manusia dlm post ni.. Hihi

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