Friday, October 7

Hotel Seri Pasifik, KL

It was the first SKG training that I attended this year. And it was organized at Seri Pacific Hotel. I chose to stay at club floor where the essential needs for a traveler like me highly anticipated. Internet connection.Yes it is! *wink**

The hotel is situated at Jalan Putra, opposite The Mall and next to PWTC. So, finding food at night was not big issue when staying here.

                                                                                                     the lobby

the reflective lift door is useful for a quick glance in the morning before attending the class. Hihi

                                                                                       the pathway to room

                                                                                 Entering the room andd~

hmm  not so confined bathroom and yet it has good lighting in the morning 

complimentary fresh fruits. Ahhh I was starving!

Another complimentary for the club floor guests is that we were privileged to have the breakfast at the club lounge, level 30.  Upon registering myself , I found that I was having the breakfast in the same room with a number of Datuks. It was kinda poshy ambiance, and yet I wasn't quite comfortable with the quiet  environment, and decided to have the breakfast on the next day downstairs at level 3 with other common guests with a lloott more scrumptious dishes.

Well, probably it was a different story if it was Datuk celebrity, no? Hehe

                                                                     bon appetit

And another complimentary given was free cocktail from 6-8.30 pm which is more like high tea. Free food, I like!

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Ju Zie said...

Memang comel bilik dia!

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